Sin-A-Matic is an album by Louis Logic, an American hip hop artist. The album's title does not refer to the porn film company Sin-A-Matic, but rather it is a play on words. Logic says that the album is supposed to be a "visual ride that presents itself the way a movie would without picture." The album's title sounds like the term "cinematic" referring to cinema, however he included the word "sin" to account for the uglier tales of the album.

Track listing

Track listing
Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Sample(s)
"Sintro" Louis Logic J.J. Brown
"Street Smarts" Louis Logic J.J. Brown
"Freak Show" Louis Logic Celph Titled
"Celph Hatred" Louis Logic
Celph Titled
The Avid Record Collector
"Diablos" Louis Logic
Celph Titled
J.J. Brown The Doors - Spanish Caravan
(Waiting For The Sun; Elektra 1968)
"Dos Factotum" Louis Logic J.J. Brown Bob James - I want to thank you (very much)
(Touchdown; Columbia 1978)
"Coochie Coup" Louis Logic
Fienza Jollie
J.J. Brown Letta - Kukuchi
(appearing on David Axelrod's "1968 To 1970 An Anthology" released in 1999 on Stateside Records)
"Postal" Louis Logic J.J. Brown
"Mischievous" Louis Logic Celph Titled
"Halfway Stretch (Sinterlude)" Louis Logic Cimer Amor
"Best Friends" Louis Logic
The Avid Record Collector
"Revenge !" Louis Logic
Celph Titled
Louis Logic
Celph Titled
J.J. Brown
"Fair Weather Fan" Louis Logic Memo
J.J. Brown
"The Rest" Louis Logic J.J. Brown
"Ugly Truth" Louis Logic The Avid Record Collector
"Idiot Gear" Louis Logic J.J. Brown
"Dust To Dust" Louis Logic King Honey
J.J. Brown
Louis Logic
"Let's Get It Started" (bonus track after "Dust To Dust") Louis Logic J.J. Brown


Producer(s) J.J. Brown, Celph Titled, The Avid Record Collector, Cimer Amor, Memo, Louis Logic, King Honey
Executive Producer(s) Matt Slywka, J.J. Brown, Louis Logic
Lead vocals and rapping Louis Logic, Celph Titled, Fienza Jollie, Apathy
Additional and background vocals J.J. Brown
Mixing J.J. Brown, Celph Titled, Kingston Killah, Louis Logic
Mastering J.J. Brown, Dan Maier, Richard Robinson
Design David Hohman


Cover Title B-Side Release Date
"Idiot Gear" "What You Think, What I Know" November 24, 2003


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