Silvermines is a village in the Silvermines mountain range. It is named after a former silver mining site in County Tipperary in Ireland. Towards the very south of the Silvermines Mountains is the highest peak in the mountains, Keeper Hill or in Irish Sliabh Cimeálta, which rises to 695m, dominating the area. Silvermines is located near the town of Nenagh on the R499 regional road.

Recently, the area has come to media attention as the village of Silvermines has had the integrity of its water supply threatened by pollution from the tailings left behind at the mine.


The local GAA club Silvermines mostly prefers hurling although it doesn't have players from either sport on the county team. They train in Dolla where they have three playing fields. Dolla is regarded as one of the best kept fields in the country

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