Silent Hero

Silent Hero

Silent Hero is a modern rock band from Detroit, Michigan. They are a five piece powerpop/rock band hailing from Detroit, MI, this blend of pop rock and synth will definitely be a treat for your ears. They are a high-energy hy-bred, modern rock meets 80's with guitar harmonies and rock synthesizers mixed with electronics.

In the Fall of 2002, Livonia native Steve Kinzer (lead vocals/keys/synths/song writer) began collaborating with guitarist Mike Peraino. They played their first show a few months later in January 2003. Several different musicians have graced the band's line-up, but the roster was finally completed when guitarist/vocalist Derek Demara joined Silent Hero and added his own brand of vocals and guitar. Other Silent Hero staples include the thundering bass guitar of Larry Burdick and an explosive brand of drums and percussion by Todd K. Vesey. These five musicians combine their talents to produce their own style of power/pop/rock that can be universally enjoyed by all music-lovers.

Live, they have toured several areas of the United States, and recently stole a spot on the local music stage at Detroit's Van's Warped Tour. They have been featured on multiple radio stations as well as featured on the front page of Their interactive website receives about 50,000 unique hits a month. They also shot a video for their rock anthem that happens to be the title-track off their new full-length album, "All That I Have" which was released in January of 2006.

As quoted by a review from a popular webzine, Savage Cabbage, "If I had to recommend one band to see live in a lifetime, Silent Hero would be it. Their commanding stage presence, from lead singer Steve's energetic hold of the entire stage to drummer Todd's stoic beats from the back, lend Silent Hero a vibe that few bands have."

Their full length album, "All That I Have" was released in January of 2006. The album has 13 original songs, four (Alone, SHS, Summer Nights, All That I Have) of which can be heard on their MySpaceand PureVolumeand pages. You can purchase this album online through their website, at shows or at stores in the Great Lakes area.

All That I Have

"All That I Have" was released in January 2006. The album has a total of 13 tracks:

01. Intro
02. All That I Have
03. Autumn
04. Saved
05. It's Over
06. Don't Turn Away
07. Alone
08. No More
09. Our Game
10. Radio
11. SHS
12. Summer Nights
13. Lifted

"All That I Have" - Album Review

Just when you feel that there’s no hope for this generation’s music, a band like Silent Hero comes along and smacks that notion right out of your head. Previously being one of these naysayers I changed my mind quickly after being introduced to the power-pop stylings of Silent Hero.

I’ve already seen the band live a few times, and their debut album, “All That I Have,” delivers the energy and excitement of their live show. There is never a dull moment as lead singer Steve Kinzer addresses topics such as relationships, love, God, and trust. He never comes off as condescending; he portrays himself as a person who has experienced doubt (I'm growin' tired and right now I'm wonderin' / Whatever happened to the you I once knew), frustration (You’re taking all that I have / And now I want it back for me), and resolution (This is the first time / And the last time / That you will ever do this to me). We’ve all been there, and this is where Silent Hero relates to its listeners.

Just as impressive is the musicianship on this album. Silent Hero introduces a brand of infectious and glistening rock to its listeners. The rhythms are all incredibly tight and slick, thanks to drummer Todd Vesey. The guitar work is technically sound and the piano, synths, and bass run a strand through the entire album that keeps each individual song connected to the others, resulting in one epic masterpiece. Kinzer’s work with the vocals is to be noted, as he has a very good voice. “All That I Have” also offers a very clear and enjoyable sense of harmony, which is sometimes lacking in today’s mainstream music.

“All That I Have” conveys many moments of trial, but luckily there are several instances of triumph, contentedness, and happiness on this album as well. Songs such as “Radio,” “Autumn,” and “Saved” offer hope to all those who are sick of the bland emo/screamo circuit and its ever-depressing sentiments. Consider all the lyrical-bases covered.

So lift up your weary heads, all you previously nonchalant music-lovers. Silent Hero’s debut album is most certainly worth your time and consideration. Be prepared to embrace a band whose appeal is as large as its sound.

Album review by Ruth Pranschke

Band members

  • Steve Kinzer - Lead Vocals / Synth
  • Mike Peraino - Lead Guitar
  • Derek Demara - Vocals / Guitar
  • Larry Burdick - Vocals / Bass
  • Todd Vesey - Drums / Percussion

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