Silent Gig

Silent Gig

A silent gig is a progression of the Silent Disco concept, but instead of DJs playing out over the two channels, a silent gig showcases two bands at a time and numerous bands throughout the night. The bands play live simultaneously within the same venue to compete for the attention of the audience. Outsiders entering the gig would be affronted only with the faint noise of unamplified guitars and the tap of electric drums, giving the concept its name. The sound of the bands playing is then transmitted wirelessly to the crowd's headphones allowing them to choose which band they are listening too.

How Does it Work?

The bands are supplied with electrical instruments that are plugged into a transmitter rather than a P.A. meaning the only sound which can be heard from the band is light tapping from electric drums and vocals of the singer...That is until you don a pair of headphones. Audience members are given a set of headphones which pick up signals being transmitted by the two bands. Then all they have to do is choose who they wish to listen to by flicking the switch on their headsets.

Two Bands

A Silent Gig not only breaks the mould by being Silent but it stages two bands in the same room with the same audience, playing at the same time. Doubling your live music experience and giving the audience the power to choose which band they want to listen to. Not feeling the mellow sounds of Band “A”? Flick over to Band “B” for a heavier more rock fuelled performance. The opportunities are endless!

World First

The World’s First Silent Gig was held on Wednesday August 13th at Cardiff Barfly. It showcased the talents of 5 local and nationally known bands, with head to head performances from “Jamie and the Lionhearts” Vs “May Contain Nuts”; and “Kutosis” Vs “Along Came Man”. The event was a great success and was featured on Radio 1’s introducing show as well as having television coverage on S4C

Kicking things off on the evening were Audiocalm who described the event as “...this is so weird!” . A sentiment agreed upon by the remaining bands and indeed the audience also. Kutosis were heard urging their audience to listen to the other channel to see if their dance moves would "confuse the hell out of them." The show was recorded for Radio One’s Introducing show with Bethan Elfyn, including the set performed by May Contain Nuts who wowed the crowd with their unique blend of fast bopping punk pop, cracking one liners and jokes keeping the crowd from shifting channels between songs. One highlight of the night most certainly had to be the almost deafening sound of over a hundred people bleating like sheep at the request of The Good Reverend and the Nuts boys.

All in all this was an experimental night that was a success and will be returning to venues across the globe. Quite Rightly: The Silent Gig is the very next craze!

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