Silent '88

Silent '88

Silent '88 is second full length album by the Leeds, England-based band Hood. Both the CD and LP versions were released on the Slumberland Records label in 1996.

Track listing

  1. The Field is Cut
  2. Hood Northern
  3. Delusions of Worthlessness
  4. At Last! Riots on Spofforth Hill Rural Colours
  5. Western Skies
  6. Deny Deny Deny
  7. Smash Your Head on the Cubish Jazz
  8. The Hidden Ambience of a Lost Art
  9. Being Beaten Up
  10. Outro
  11. Intro
  12. Documenting Crop Rotations
  13. I Hate You Now
  14. Her Innocent Stock of Words
  15. Trust Me, I'm a Stomach
  16. Resonant 1942
  17. Sometimes I Worry Downpour
  18. The Fields are Divided
  19. Silent '88
  20. Love is Dead but Never Buried
  21. Empty Canvas
  22. Silent Years
  23. Untitled

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