Signorile couple

Signorile couple

Chiaffredo Signorile, (9 October1913, Stroppo, province of Cuneo-13 October1999 and his wife Eugenia Signorile, (b. 9 September 1914), have become known as the Signorile Couple. Italian teachers of mathematics and physics at the Liceo di Beccaria, Milan, they have written extensively on and translated the works of the on Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa.

They collaborated with Fr. Umberto Pasquale at the time of the Diocesan Informative Process, taking place in Braga between 1967 and 1973, and translating the five thick volumes of the Feelings of the Soul.

Eugenis Signrile continues to publish books on the subject.

Works published with authorship attributed to Blessed Alexandrina

  • Figlia del dolore, madre di amore. Quasi una autobiografia, Mimep-Docete, Pessano (MI), 1993 (768 pages)
  • Mio Signore, mio Dio! Come pregava Alexandrina, Mimep-Docete, Mian, 1992
  • Anima pura, cuore di fuoco, Mimep-Docete, Pessano (MI), 1990 (illustrated)
  • Maria, Madre mia. Come Alexandrina sente la Madonna, Mimep-Docete, Pessano (MI), 1987
  • Venite a me... (richiami di Gesù), Mimep-Docete, Pessano (MI), 1991
  • Ho sete di voi!, Mimep-Docete, Pessano (MI) (without date)
  • Sofferenza amata!, Mimep-Docete, Pessano (MI), 1999

Works published with authorship attributed to C. E. Signorile

  • Croce e sorriso, Associazione "Sotto il manto di Maria Regina della Pace", Gorgonzola (MI), 2002
  • Sulle ali del dolore, Gamba Edizioni, Gorgonzola (MI), 2004
  • Alexandrina, voglio imparare da te!, Gamba Edizioni, Gorgonzola (MI), 2004

Work published in collaboration with Giulio Giacometti and Piero Sessa

  • La gloria dell'Uomo dei Dolori nel sorriso di Alexandrina, Edizioni Segno, Tavagnacco (UD), 2005
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