Sierra Leonean parliamentary election, 1977

Sierra Leonean parliamentary election, 1977

Parliamentary elections were held in Sierra Leone on 6 May 1977. They were the last multi-party elections held in the country until 1996.


Elections were called ahead of schedule by president Siaka Stevens following his declaration of a state of emergency after student riots earlier in the year.

In the election itself, only 41 of the directly-elected and one of the indirectly-elected paramount chief seats were contested (in the remaining 36 directly-elected and 11 indirectly-elected seats, the All People's Congress was the only party with a candidate). In a campaign marred by violence, elections in eight constituencies were not held on the day of the election, but were contested at a later date.

For the first time, there were also three presidential appointees in the parliament.


Party Votes % Seats
All People's Congress 425,328 61.93% 70
Sierra Leone People's Party 205,976 29.99% 15
Democratic National Party 478 0.07% 0
Independents 54,998 8.01% 0
Indirectly elected paramount chiefs - - 12
Presidential appointees - - 3
Total 686,610 100% 100
Source: Inter-Parliamentary Union


The following year, a referendum approved a new constitution that made the country a single-party state with the APC as the sole legal party. Elections were held under this system in 1982, 1985 and 1986. Another referendum in 1991 returned the country to multi-party politics, and the next pluriform elections were held in 1996.


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