Sierra Fellers

Sierra Fellers

Sierra Fellers (born December 30, 1986, Whitefish, MT) is a professional skateboarder (as of early 2007) currently skating for Foundation Skateboards, Venture Trucks, C1RCA Footwear, FKD Bearings, Bones Wheels, Nixon Watches,spirit skateshop of kalispell, Montana, and CCS. He was recently featured in the Foundation Video "Cataclysmic Abyss" and the C1RCA Video "It's Time". He was also on the cover of Thrasher Magazine.

Recently, he has reached a higher level of visibility within the skateboard industry, placing 2nd at the 2007 Tampa Am and winning the contest in 2004. Sierra won the best trick competition for the 2007 Tampa Am with a nollie frontside bigspin to frontside lipslide. Fellers earned his first magazine cover on Euro Sugar magazine. He also turned pro for Foundation Skateboards in 2007.

He currently lives in Long Beach, CA.


Sierra Fellers used to play hockey and has achieved many accomplishments on the ice. His skateboarding abilities are far and above his hockey skills, however there are many contributing factors to his athletic abilities that spawn from his growing up in Whitefish Montana. With all his success he has continued to be one of the most genuine people out there. He is extremely personable and does not let his success get to his head. (CITATION NEEDED) Sierra Fellers is currently third place in the NWM Underground rally circuit, behind Isaac Johnston (first place), and Zach Dowler (second place). He drives a highly modified 1994 Chevrolet Nova. He placed 2nd in the "First Turn Mayhem Challenge" in March of 2008 and secured his place in the NWM. His circuit sponsors include: Havoc webtv, 7/11, and Lincoln welders.

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