Siegfried Kurt Baschwitz

Kurt Baschwitz

Siegfried Kurt Baschwitz (February 2, 1886January 6, 1968) was a German journalist, and researcher for Newspapers, who actived as journalist since 1908 to 1933.

He moved to Netherlands, and worked as a professor for press, propaganda and public opinion research at Amsterdam University (1946-1947). He founded the institute for the science of the press at Amsterdam University in July 1948 and was its first director.

Literary works

  • Der Massenwahn, seine Wirkung und seine Beherrschung, 1923 ()
  • De strijd met den duivel. De heksenprocessen in het licht der massapsychologie, 1948 ()
  • De krant door alle tijden, 1938 ()
  • Du und die Masse, 21951 ()

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