Sieg im Westen

Sieg im Westen

Sieg im Westen (Victory in the West) is a 1941 German propaganda film. It was produced by the Oberkommando des Heeres, the German Army High Command, rather than the Propaganda Ministry of Joseph Goebbels. The prologue consists of the Nazi version of European history and the origins of World War II, and the rest deals with the Blitzkrieg in Western Europe of May and June 1940. The movie was made largely from newsreel footage recut into a documentary.

The Nazi journal "Der deutsche Film" called Sieg im Westen "the greatest of all German newsreels. Unlike many other German propaganda films, Sieg im Westen does not belittle the enemy, instead admitting that the French soldiers fought gallantly.

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  • Hoffman, Hilmar. The Triumph of Propaganda: Film and National Socialism, 1933-45.

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