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Side Arms Hyper Dyne

Side Arms Hyper Dyne (J: "Zettai Gattai") is a 1986 arcade game created by Capcom. The game is a side-scrolling shooter that unlike most games in the genre, allows the player to shoot both left and right, an idea Capcom had previously experimented with 1985's Section Z. The game is the second in the "Jet Pack hero" series of shooters, the first being the aforementioned Section Z and the last being Forgotten Worlds. The game was licensed to Romstar for manufacture and distribution within the United States.


The game takes place during an escalating battle between the humans and Bozon, an alien force seeks to destroy all life on Earth. Lieutenant Henry and Sergeant Sanders are deployed to earth, piloting Mobilesuits α (Alpha) and β (Beta), in an attempt to save Earth from its destruction.

Power Ups

The Mobilesuits can be augmented in various ways ranging from speed to added fire power. The powerup system is derivative of the one utilized in the Gradius series of games by Konami. POWs are collected which will allow cycling through the selection bar to purchase different weapons. Differentiating from the Gradius system, speed is separated from the bar and comes from the POW power-up; also, there is the WOP icon, which reduces speed. Power-ups are essentially purchased and the currency i, and the player can toggle through the different "purchased" powerups. When the player is killed, only the last weapon used is lost. Unique to the game, the first player α (Alpha) and the second player β (Beta) can combine into a more powerful hybrid form. This mode can be hard to control, as both players have the ability to move the ship.

The weapons are as follows:

  • Bit: Gradius-style options that ecircle the player, replicating fire.
  • Shotgun: Slow-firing 5-way spread shot.
  • MBL (Mega Bazooka Launcher): Powerful forward-firing shot.
  • 3-Way: Fast-firing shot that fires forward and in the upper- and lower-diagonal directions.
  • Auto: Can come in two types: a forward rapid-fire shot that fires fast (represented with a Yashichi icon) or a 3-way shot that fires forward, up, and down, at a slower rate than the forward shot (represented with a star icon).

Other appearances in media

  • The player one character from this game appears again as a bonus item in several Capcom games, including Super Buster Bros., U.N. Squadron, and Black Tiger.
  • Both the player one and player two characters appear in Namco x Capcom as sidekicks to the Unknown Soldiers from Forgotten Worlds.
  • Several of the enemies in the game are taken from the well-known animated series Mobile Suit Gundam. Most obvious are the MSM-07 Z'Gok and MS-06F Zaku II, both of which appear in the first level of the game.

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