Sibo language

Xibe language

The Xibe language (also Sibo language, Xibo language) is a language of the Tungusic family spoken by members of the Xibe ethnic group in Xinjiang. It is intercomprehensible with the closely-related Manchu language; however, unlike Manchu, Xibe language is reported to have eight vowel distinctions as opposed to the six found in Manchu, differences in morphology, and a more complex system of vowel harmony. The general vocabulary and structure of Xibe has not been affected as much by Chinese as Manchu has. However, there are a number of Chinese loanwords, and a large body of sociological terminology, such as gəming (revolution) and gungshə (commune), have been borrowed from Chinese and incorporated into the everyday vocabulary of the language. The language uses the Xibe script, a slightly revised version of the Manchu script.

Xibe is taught as a second language by the Yili Teachers' College in the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of northern Xinjiang.



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