Sib Hashian

Sib Hashian

John "Sib" Hashian (born August 17 1949) is a drummer who was a member of the rock band Boston during their classic lineup. Hashian currently lives in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.

Boston Years

Hashian joined Boston in 1975, replacing original drummer Jim Masdea. Hashian's drumming is featured on Boston's self titled debut album, as well as on the follow up Don't Look Back. Hashian was involved in the early sessions for Boston's Third Stage album, but was later replaced by Masdea, who he himself replaced in 1975.

After leaving Boston, Hashian sued Boston-leader Tom Scholz for back royalties and the two later settled out of court.

Sib's daughter, Lauren, is now dating actor/pro wrestler Duane Johnson aka "The Rock".

Other Projects & Recent History

Hashian was also the drummer for fellow Boston member Barry Goudreau's self-titled solo album which was released in 1980. The album achieved moderate success with the rock radio hit "Dreams".

Boston and the Barry Goudreau album were the last mainstream projects Hashian worked on. He went on to own a chain of tanning salons in Boston, as well as a small record shop He occasionally plays gigs in the Boston area with former bandmates, including Goudreau, Fran Sheehan and Brad Delp, prior to the singer's sudden death in 2007.

In 2001 he made his first stage appearance as an actor at the Cape Cod Repertory Theater in the world premiere of the play "9-Ball" written by his friend Art Devine.

In 2003 he appeared on Sammy Hagar's "Live: Hallelujah" as an unofficial member of "The Waboritas".

In 2004 he returned to the stage at the Tremont Theater for the Boston premiere of "9-Ball" which he also produced along with Ernie Boch Jr.

In 2006 he recorded with Ernie and the Automatics, a band that features Goudreau on guitar.

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