Siang, river, China: see Xiang.

Tao Ping-Siang “the Master of the Soft Way “

Also known as Dr Tao

Grandmaster Tao was a doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. His life was devoted to the study of Chinese martial arts. He began his martial arts career as a child in Shaolin style Spring Leg. He eventually began studying the internal Nei Chia systems, Liuhebafa, Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing I, and Pa Gua Chang. Dr. Tao studied with some of the most famous masters. Being a closed-door student he was constantly introduced to new masters by his current masters. The two teachers with the greatest influence on him were Wu Yi Hui (Liuhebafa) and Cheng Man-ch'ing (Yang style T'ai Chi Ch'uan).

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