Shuya (Шу́я) is the third largest town in Ivanovo Oblast, Russia, situated on the Teza River. Population: 62,449 (2002 Census).


The first record of Shuya is dated by 1393. Since 1403, the area was held by a branch of the House of Suzdal, which got their name "Shuisky" after the town. In 1539, the town was sacked by Safagäräy of Kazan. In 1566, it was taken by Ivan the Terrible as his personal property into Oprichnina. In 1722, the town was visited by Peter the Great, who launched textile manufacturing there. By the 19th century, Shuya was developed into a major flax-processing centre, although it has been since superseded in importance by neighbouring village of Ivanovo.

Nikolo-Shartomsky Abbey, situated twelve kilometres from Shuya, has one of the largest monastic communities in Russia. The cloister was first mentioned in 1425. It has a cathedral from 1652 and a refectory from 1678. The belltower of the Resurrection Cathedral, is the highest freestanding bell tower in the world.

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