Shu Ting

Shu Ting

Shu Ting (born 1952) is the pseudonyms of Gong Peiyu, a Chinese poet.

Shu Ting was born in Jinjiang, Fujian province. During the Cultural Revolution, she was sent to the countryside until 1973. Back in Fujian she had to work at construction sites and factories.

She began to write poetry in 1969 and her work was published in several literary magazines. Her poetry began to appear in the underground literary magazine Today. In the early 1980s, she achieved prominence as the leading female representative of the Misty Poets. Her first collection, Shuangwei chuan appeared in 1982, as did a joint-collection with Gu Cheng.

During the anti-pollution movement that was launched in 1983, she, like other writers that were thought to be subversive by the state, was heavily criticised. After this two more collections with poetry, Hui changge de yiweihua and Shizuniao appeared.


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