Shivering Spines

Shivering Spines

Shivering Spines is a pop band from Jönköping, Sweden, who were active from 1988 to 1993

The band won the PolyGram competition "Rockband of the year-90", and released a single on this label.

The discussions with PolyGram seemed endless, so finally the band decided to release the album on a local label. It showed to be a good move. Their debut CD, Garlic Escargots, gave Shivering Spines lots of publicity. Many songs from the CD were played several times on the Swedish national radio. The CD also received good reviews in music magazines such as Pop, Sound Affects and Backstage. The video Lying Awake has been showed on the MTV-show 120 minutes and on Swedish national television.

Shivering Spines has during the years played at pubs and smaller clubs from northern to southern Sweden. They have also appeared on festivals such as Dalarock-90 (about Dalarock), Hultsfredsfestivalen-91, Hultsfredsfestivalen-93 (about Hultsfredsfestivalen) in Sweden and Påskfestivalen-93 (Easter Festival) in Copenhagen.


Desert Hum / Power (7", Tilt Records, Spines 001, -89)

Judas Kiss / Pros and Cons of Convertible Homes (7", Tilt Records, Spines 002, -90)

Live Kulturhuset 14 sept-91 (MC, Tilt Records, Spines 003, -91)

Heaven is.../ The Night Before Today (7"/CD, PolyGram, 866750-7, -92)

Garlic Escargots (CD, Brimstone Production, BRCD 9301, -93)


Heaven is... (from CD-single Heaven is.../ The Night Before Today, PolyGram -92)

December Live (live from Kåren in Jönköping, Brimstone Prod. BRVD 9212, -92)

Lying Awake (from CD Garlic Escargots, Brimstone Production, BRVD 9306, -93)

Cuts from the history

26 November 1988 Shivering Spines first concert was made on student place, LundsNation in Lund.

15 August 1989 Release of the first 7" single, Desert Hum / Power. Good reviews in national press.

16 April 1990 Release of Shivering Spines second 7" single, Judas Kiss / Pros & Cons of convertible Homes. Judas Kiss is played a lot on national radio.

6 May 1990 Shivering Spines won the PolyGram competition "Rockband of the year-90". Shivering Spines gets contract with PolyGram and promises of a tour.

18 May 1990 Shivering was honored to be kultureprize winner in Jönköping.

30 June 1990 Festivalkonsert on "Dalarock" in Hedemora,Sweden.

31 December 1990 The song Desert Hum is...

9 August 1991 Shivering Spines plays on "Hultsfredsfestivalen 91".

14 September 1991 Live recording from the concert together with ORO om Kulturhuset in Jönköping.

16 June 1992 PolyGram CD and 7" single is released. Heaven is... /The Night Before Today.

9 October 1992 Shivering Spines plays on "Oktober-Orgie Festival" in Kopenhagen, Denmark.

11 March 1993 Shivering Spines plays on "Påskøls-Festival" in Kopenhagen, Denmark.

2 April 1993 Radiokonsert together with Little Mike and Stig Vig (Dag Vag).

3 June 1993 Big release of Shivering Spines first fulllength CD, Garlic escargotes. Recording of a video to "lying wake".

14 August 1993 Shivering Spines concert on "Hultsfredsfestivalen 93".

14 September 1993 The video "lying awake" is played on Swedish Television and a week later om MTV 120-Minutes.

30 July 1993 "Sommerfestival" in Morbaerhaven, Denmark.

15 August 1993 Shivering Spines gives their last concert in the same town the band started five years before.

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