Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation

United States Shipping Board Merchant Fleet Corporation

The United States Shipping Board Merchant Fleet Corporation (aka: Emergency Fleet Corporation or EFC) was a federal corporation that operated from 1917 until 1936 when its functions were assumed by the newly created U.S. Maritime Commission.

The U.S. Shipping Board Merchant Fleet Corporation was established 16 September 1917, under provisions of the Shipping Act, to acquire, construct, and supervise the operation of U.S. Shipping Board merchant vessels. Prior to 11 February 1927, it was known as the "U.S. Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation" (44 Stat. 1083).

In 1936, the Maritime Commission replaced both the U.S. Shipping Board Bureau and Shipping Board Merchant Fleet Corporation.

General Managers of the Merchant Fleet Corporation

as Emergency Fleet Corporation

as Merchant Fleet Corporation

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