Shintetsu Sanda Line

Shintetsu Sanda Line

The is a commuter railway line in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan operated by Kobe Electric Railway. It connects Kobe with its northern suburb, Sanda.

The line is long, stretching from Arimaguchi in Kita-ku to Sanda, where the line connects with the JR West Takrazuka Line (Fukuchiyama Line), although most trains continue past Arimaguchi to Shinkaichi via the Arima Line and Kobe Rapid Railway Namboku Line.


Station Distance (km) Local
Special Rapid Express
Connections Location
All trains continue via the Arima Line to Shinkaichi
Arimaguchi 有馬口 0.0 S S S Arima Line (through train service) Kita-ku, Kobe
Gosha 五社 1.4 S S S  
Okaba 岡場 3.3 S S S S  
Taoji 田尾寺 4.9 S S S S  
Nirō 二郎 6.4 S S S S  
Dōjō-minamiguchi 道場南口 7.3 S S S S  
Shintetsu Dōjō 神鉄道場 8.5 S S S S  
Yokoyama 横山 10.0 S S S S Koen-Toshi Line (through train service) Sanda
Sanda Honmachi 三田本町 11.0 S S S S  
Sanda 三田 12.0 S S S S JR West: (JR Takarazuka Line)

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