Shilling (Irish coin)

Shilling (Irish coin)

The shilling coin was a pre-decimal coin worth 1/20th of an Irish pound. The coin featured the bull on the obverse side.

The original minting of the coin from 1928 until 1942 contained 75% silver; this Irish coin had a higher content than the equivalent British coin. These earlier coins were noticibly different than their later counterparts as they were of a lighter hue than the cupronickel coins minted from 1951, and they resisted wear less well. The cupronickel coin contained 75% copper and 25% nickel.

The coin (design by Percy Metcalf) had a diameter of 0.935 inches (23.7 mm) and weight of 87 3/11 grains (5.655 grams). The last shillings were minted in 1968. When the currency was decimalised, this coin continued to circulate alongside its replacement five pence (which also featured a bull on the obverse); the shilling was finally withdrawn from circulation on January 1 1993 as a smaller five pence coin was introduced.

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