Sherry Rich

Sherry Rich

Sherry Rich is an Australian alternative country singer-songwriter and guitarist, based in Nashville, U.S.A.


Rich was raised on Bribie Island situated off the coast of Queensland. Her mother was a country music performer Noelene Rich who in the early 60's toured with Australian country music legend Reg Lindsay. Her first band was the Brisbane-based Cactus Fever (1986-7). They proved popular on the Brisbane live circuit and one time undertook a Sydney tour with The Johnnys. She relocated to Melbourne in 1988, where as 'Sherry Valier' - she formed the all-girl rock band Girl Monstar. After Girl Monstar split in early 1993, Sherry traded the Valier moniker for Rich and focused on a solo career. Her backing band at this time included some well known Australian musicians like Steve Connolly and Charlie Owen. She gained a considerable following in the mid-90s - as the 'new country' genre reached a wider audience, touring much of East Coast Australia (including a coveted spot at Tamworth - the country music capitol of Australia). Her debut album from 1997 Sherry Rich & Courtesy Move was recorded in the U.S. with members of Wilco. She teamed up with Ashley Naylor from Melbourne band Even to form The Grapes, and they released a self-titled album in 1999.

In 2000 she released a 'family album' with her mother and brother.


  • Sherry Rich & The Grievous Angels (CD EP) - Rubber Records - 1994
  • Trying To Write A Love Song (CD EP) - Rubber Records - 1996
  • Sherry Rich & Courtesy Move (CD) - BMG/Rubber Records - 1997
  • Is That All You Wanted (CD EP) - BMG/Rubber Records - 1997
  • Polite Kisses (CD EP) - BMG/Rubber Records - 1998
  • The Grapes (CD) - Rubber Records - 1999
  • Rich Family Album (CD) - Schwat Mark Records - 2000
  • The Mudcakes - Songs For Little Monkeys (CD) - 2004

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