Sherington Primary School

Sherington Primary School

Sherington Primary School

Sherington Primary School is located in Charlton, South East London. The school is two form entry Primary school with over 400 pupils.

The school has recently been awarded LGFL exemplar status for its website

Sherington Centenary

In 2007 Sherington celebrated its centenary with a balloon launch, concert and special art project. Ex Staff, pupils and the mayor of Greenwich attended.

Ex sherington pupils include Daniel Day Lewis and Jools Holland.

Sherington History

Sherington stands on a site previously occupied by a beautiful house and gardens, Eastcombe House, home of the Duchess of Buckinghamshire. The Eastcombe Park Estate offered for sale in 1883 and the house demolished at the turn of the 19th century as Charlton (farmer town) became more urbanised.

Sherington originally opened in 1907, as a temporary school for boys, with the main school opening in 1922 as a mixed infants and elementary school catering for children up to the age of 14. After the Second World War, the lower buildings became separate secondary schools for girls and boys, while the top building (now the main school) housed the junior department.

In 1971, following the opening of nearby secondary schools, Sherington became a junior mixed school and was at one time the largest junior school in London with nearly 700 pupils. In 1995, following a review of school provision in the Charlton area, Sherington started its transition into a full primary school opening its doors to infant and nursery children for the first time.

The school continues to change and develop, with a focus on raising educational standards and building strong community links. Our nursery still occupies the lower building, which is shared by the after school play-club and a thriving breakfast club, while the remainder of the school occupies the re-furbished upper building.

The Lower building also houses the Greenwich Music Service and in 2003 there are plans to further develop the use of this building in conjunction with the Charlton 'Sure Start' project.

The Sherington logo is based on the "bell" tower which can still be seen on the Lower building. There was also one on the roof of the Middle building. When this building was demolished, the tower was found to be part of a ventilation system

In 2004 Sherington was the most improved school in the country.

Eastcombe House

This former home of the Countess of Buckinghamshire, stood almost exactly where the main school building is now. During the late 19th century there was very little to interrupt the view from the house to the river in the north.

The Eastcombe Estate was offered for sale in 1883 and the house was demolished in the early part of the 20th century. Highcombe House, the adjoining property, can still be seen today next to Our Lady of Grace school and church on Charlton Road.

Eastcombe Estate

The Eastcombe Park estate, property of the Duchess of Buckinghamshire was offered for sale in 1883. Sherington school was built on virtually the same location as the original house. As can be seen from the map, Charlton has changed a great deal over the last 100 years although signs of housing development in the area can be seen on the map on both sides of Victoria Way.

Existing roads were few, limited in this case to Charlton Road, Victoria Way, Delafield Road and Wellington Gardens. The proposed road towards the top of the map became Eastcombe Avenue. Also to be seen on the map is the railway line.

Eastcombe Information Permission from Greenwich Local History Library.

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