Sheppey, Isle of, c.30 sq mi (80 sq km), Kent, SE England, at the mouth of the Thames, separated from the mainland by The Swale, a narrow strait. It is largely flat, with wave-eroded cliffs to the north. Vegetables and grain are grown on the fertile soil, and sheep are raised. The chief towns are Sheerness, a resort, and Minister, where a church founded there in the late 7th cent. contains the tomb of Robert Shurland, the protagonist of a story in R. H. Barham's Ingoldsby Legends.
Queenborough-in-Sheppey was a municipal borough in Kent, England from 1968, to 1974. It was created a merger of the municipal borough of Queenborough, with the Sheerness urban district and Sheppey Rural District, and occupied the entire Isle of Sheppey.

In 1974 it was abolished under the Local Government Act 1972, and the area now forms part of the Swale district. Queenborough and various parishes in the island now have independent civil parish and town councils again.

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