Shenley Church End

Shenley Church End

Shenley Church End is a village, district and civil parish in Milton Keynes England. Together with its neighbouring parish, Shenley Brook End and the districts of Shenley Wood and Shenley Lodge, the districts are collectively known as "The Shenleys".


The village name 'Shenley' is an Old English language word meaning 'bright clearing'. In the Domesday Book of 1086 the area was collectively known as Senelai.

The distinction between the Brook End and the Church End happened in the 12th century when a new manor house was constructed in Shenley Brook End by the Mansell family. However by 1426 the two manors were owned by the same person and the distinction between the two places was in name only.

Shenley Church End is also home to the Shenley Toot, an ancient motte and scheduled ancient monument.

Today, the historic village is the core of the new district that bears its name. The district is bounded by V3 Fulmer Street, V4 Watling Street, H5 Portway and H6 Childs Way.

Education and other services

The district contains Glastonbury Thorn First School, Denbigh School, one of the best schools in Milton Keynes and Shenley Church End Pre-School (situated in the Leisure Centre).

The local retail centre is an important hub for the parish, containing not only the school, but the (local council-run) Shenley Leisure Centre (includes sporting facilities such as a sports hall, gym, squash courts and outdoor football/tennis courts, as well as the Clock Inn Bar) as well as a shopping area comprising a fish and chip shop, an Off License, a small supermarket, a pharmacy, a newsagent, an estate agent, a bakery, a bike shop, a bookmakers, a charity shop, a Chinese restaurant, a medical practice, and a dental surgery.

Shenley Church End Cricket Cub is also in existence (since 1993), which was formerly named Rickley Park CC until 1992. The club was re-named after moving from Bletchley to play home matches at Denbigh School, but in 2002 SCECC relocated to the bottom pitch on Manor Fields in Fenny Stratford - though choosing to retain their name. They currently have a Saturday side playing in the Morrant Four Counties Cricket League Division 2.

Civil parish

The parish includes Shenley Dens, Shenley Hill, Grange Farm, Crownhill, Oakhill/Woodhill (including Woodhill (HM Prison), Shenley Wood (including Medbourne) and Shenley Church End.

The parish is bounded to the north-east by V4 Watling Street, to the north-west by the border with Calverton parish, to the south-west by the borough boundary with Aylesbury Vale (at Whaddon) and to the south-east by H6 Childs Way.


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