Shaper of Worlds

Shaper of Worlds

The Shaper of Worlds is a fictional character of the Marvel Comics Universe.

Fictional character biography

He started existence thousands of years ago as a Cosmic Cube, created by scientist of the Skrull Empire. It was then used by the Skrull Emperor to enforce his rule over the Skrull Empire as a god-king. It subsequently developed sentience, and because of the megalomaniacal personality of the emperor imprinted on its mind, it lashed out and devastated a significant portion of the empire before it reached emotional maturity. It was at this point that it started calling itself the "Shaper of Worlds," and chose the form that it uses to this day: a male Skrull torso atop a metallic frustum and tractor treads.

Powers and abilities

The Shaper has massive power, but he cannot actually create new worlds -after destroying a significant portion of the Skrull Empire, he deliberately limited the scope of his powers. He only rearranges the structure of an existing world to fit the template that has been requested by another. The alien can only create worlds if it has the dreams of another living being to use as a blueprint. These factors are often considered to be the greatest drawbacks to its powers.

It is his curse that he has a strong desire to make dreams come true, but does not have any dreams himself. So he is searching out other beings he senses have wishes he can fulfill. Only this way can he find a release for his strong desire to shape the reality.

Glorian and Kubik are his protégés.

The Shaper of Worlds has fought the Hulk and the Fantastic Four. It was he who taught the Beyonder and the Molecule Man that they shared a common origin and merged them into the being known as Kosmos.


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