Shanghai film group

Shanghai Film Group Corporation

Shanghai Film Group Corporation (Chinese: 上海電影集團公司) is a film, animation and documentary production company under the Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group conglomerate. In 2001 it was announced to be a combination of a number of studios, all of which are located in Shanghai, China.


Many of the individual entertainment production hubs were the center of art and culture for the country going as far back as 1890s. After the establishment of New China in 1950, numerous studios were established in session all around Shanghai. Many would merge with smaller companies that offer similar functions.

Studios today

While all the studios are located in Shanghai, they do not all function within the same facility. A number of studios have gone through different name changes through out the years. Shanghai Film Studio has been the main component for the company.

{|class="wikitable" ! Studio English Name ! Studio Chinese Name ! Description |- | Shanghai Film Studio || 上海电影制片厂 || Responsible for movies and TV productions in China. |- | Shanghai Animation Film Studio || 上海美術電影製片廠 || Responsible for Chinese animations. |- | Shanghai Documentary Film Studio || || Responsible for documentaries. |- | Shanghai Dubbing Studio || 上海电影译制厂 || Responsible for the translation of foreign programs. |-


  • SFG owns additional groups exist in the company to carry out marketing, film rental, tech support, and other hi-tech labs functions.
  • SFG owns 5 large film production enterprises, 14 TV-series productions enterprises with a large filming facility as of 2006.
  • Owns the East-Movie-Channel.
  • They have the largest cinema circuit in China with 75 cinemas and 198 screens, "Shanghai United Circuit’s" box office in 2003 and 2004 was topping the list in China.
  • Currently SFG owns over 640 feature films, 30,000 mins of animation films, 1,555 documentary films and about 10,000 episodes of TV series.

Corporate goals

In three year’s time, it plans to produce 20 feature films, 50 TV films and 800 episodes of TV series per year. The sales of its cinema circuit are targeted to be 25% of the China with a yearly revenue of 1.5 billion RMB (about US $80 million).


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