Sevilla, Valle del Cauca

Sevilla, Valle del Cauca

Sevilla is a town and municipality in the Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia. Widely recognized and famous as one of the best Colombian coffee producers. It is also known as the "Coffee Capital of Colombia" In 2003, it had a population of approximately 41,000 inhabitants.


Founded as San Luis in 1903 by Heraclio Uribe Uribe, it was renamed for the city of Sevilla, Spain, when it became a municipality in 1914.

Geography and Climate

Sevilla is located in the northeastern portion of the Valle del Cauca Department, about 90 miles northeast of Cali, the department capital. Sevilla lays on the western mountain range, out of the three main ones resting on the beautiful landscape of Colombia. The landscape is also appropriate for long walks and horseback riding. Its climate is widely varied because it is located 1650 metres above sea level.


There is a great variety of agricultural products as a result of its diversity on climate floors. Citrus fruits, banana, sugar cane, maize, yucca, and vegetables, among others, are abundantly produced. Cafe cultures surround the town, since the farms outside the population core are coffee producers. There are also gold, silver, and platinum mines nearby.

Recent Trends

Now, Sevilla's Mayor has started a process to form part of the department of Quindío and not anymore of Valle del Cauca.

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