Seta District, Gunma

Seta District, Gunma

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Seta (勢多郡; -gun) is a district located in Gunma(Kozuke Province).

Seta District
8.Village of Fujimi

The district includes one village.

Before Meiji, the district covered the entire foothills of Mount Akagi.


After entering Meiji Era, the former shogun owned lands became Iwahana Prefecture and the former Maebashi Domain lands became Maebashi Prefecture. After the Abolition of the han system in 1871, the entire area became Gunma Prefecture, but due to the changes to the prefecture, the area became Kumagaya Prefecture in 1873 and to Gunma Prefecture in 1876. Due to the land reforms of 1878, the district was split into two with the Mount Akagi is being the borderline, the northern foothills of Mount Akagi became Kitaseta District while the southern foothills became Minamiseta District. Since the area of Kitaseta District was too small, the district merged into Tone District in 1896. At the same time, Minamiseta District merged with Higashigunma District to recreate Seta District.


Seta District(~1878)

  • July 22, 1878 - Due to land reforms, Seta District split into Kitaseta and Minamiseta Districts.

Seta District(1896~)

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