Sergiyev Posad

Sergiyev Posad

[sur-gee-uhf puh-sahd]
Sergiyev Posad, formerly Zagorsk, city (1989 pop. 115,000), central European Russia. It is a rail terminus and a handicraft center known for wood carvings and toys. Manufactures include farm machinery, lacquers and paints, textiles, and furniture. The city developed from a settlement around the Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra, one of Russia's most famous monasteries (founded 1340). The original wooden church, built by the monk Sergius, was destroyed in a Tatar raid in 1391. The Lavra contains the Troitski Cathedral (15th cent.); the Uspenski Cathedral (16th cent.), with the tomb of Boris Godunov; and a treasure chamber with rich tapestries and many objects of liturgical art. The monastery, long a place of pilgrimage, was made into a museum in 1920, but since 1988 has been the scene of increasing religious activity.

Sergiyev Posad (Се́ргиев Поса́д) is a city and the administrative center of Sergiyevo-Posadsky District of Moscow Oblast, Russia. It grew up in the 15th century around one of the greatest of Russian monasteries, the Troitse-Sergiyeva (Trinity) Lavra established by St. Sergius of Radonezh. The town became incorporated in 1742. As the town's name, alluding to St. Sergius, had strong religious connotations, the Soviet authorities changed first to just Sergiyev in 1919, and then to Zagorsk in 1930, in memory of the revolutionary Vladimir Zagorsky. The original name came back into official use in 1991. Population:

Tourism associated with the Golden Ring plays a role in the regional economy. There is also an important factory of toys.

In 1947, the Soviet Union established its first factory to weaponize smallpox at the edge of Sergiyev Posad.

The Moscow Yaroslavl railway and highway pass through the town. Sergiyev Posad Bus Terminal is located in the city.

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Vikentii Trofimov

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