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Serbian State Guard

Serbian State Guard (Serbian: Српска државна стража, Srpska Državna Straža) also known as nedićevci was the name of the pro-nazi 1 2military force that was used to complement the civil police units within Nedić's Serbia. In addition to providing local law and order, they also help guard and run the Nazi concentration camps. 2

The Serbian State Guard was formed on 3 March, 1942. It was the successor to the Royal Yugoslav Gendarmerie. The Guard was composed of two regiments, Danube and Drina. With the fall of the Nedić regime in October of 1944, the guard's command was transferred to Chetnik leader Draža Mihailović. With the end of an independent Serbian state, the guard was renamed to the 1st Serbian Assault Corps (Prvi Srpski udarni korpus, SUK).

The remnant of the force surrendered to the British in May 1945.


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