Seleucia Tracheotis

Seleucia (disambiguation)

Seleucia was the first capital of the Seleucid Empire, and one of the great cities of antiquity standing in Mesopotamia, on the Tigris River.

Seleucia may refer to:

Seleucia may also refer to:

  • Abila (Decapolis) (formerly Seleucia), also known as Abila, in the Decapolis at a site near modern Irbid, Jordan
  • Aydın (formerly Seleucia ad Maeandrum), also known anciently as Seleucia-in-Caria, formerly called Tralles; currently Aydın, Aydın Province, Turkey
  • Mopsuestia (formerly Seleucia ad Pyramum), or Mopsuestia, now in Adana Province, Turkey
  • Silifke, also known as Seleucia-in-Cilicia, Seleucia-on-the-Calycadnus, Seleucia-in-Isauria or Seleucia-of-Isauria, Seleucia Trachea or Seleucia Tracheotis, now Silifke, Mersin Province, Turkey
  • Susa (formerly Seleucia ad Eulaeum), now in southwestern Iran
  • Umm Qais (formerly Seleucia), in Jordan
  • Zeugma (city) (formerly Seleucia-on-the-Euphrates), now in Gaziantep Province, Turkey

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