Sejdo Bajramović

Sejdo Bajramović (1927-1994) was a Kosovar Albanian soldier and politician of the former Yugoslavia.

Bajramović became the Coordinator of the Presidency of Yugoslavia, and Member of the Presidency representing Kosovo, when the Serbian president Slobodan Milošević out-maneuvred the incumbent Riza Sapunxhiu, through a recall by the Serbian Parliament.

As the provincial legislature of Kosovo was suspended, Bajramović was appointed as presidency member by the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. His unquestioned loyalty to Milošević and obvious lack of a democratic mandate in difference to the rest of the Presidency, made him remembered as a mere puppet for the Milošević administration and his name became synonymous with "quisling", "proxy" and "false alibi".

Bajramović's only merit before being handpicked by Milošević to vote on behalf of Kosovo, was being a Sergeant First Class in the Yugoslav National Army.

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