Segue (band)

Segue (band)

Segue (pronounced SEG-way) is a San Francisco Bay Area-based rock band. Formed in January 1994, in San Rafael, California, Segue blends rock ‘n’ roll with blues, pop, country and funk.

The band’s debut album Segue was released on Trip ‘n Spin Recordings in 1998 to rave reviews, and sold copies through Tower Records and The single “Move On” was featured on Bay Area radio station 104.5 FM – KFOG.

The second album Escape Without Injury was released on Seguesounds Records in August 2002. The single “Hot Tonight” is featured in the Second Set Media film Ripple Effect, released in 2001. The film contains footage of the best pro surfers in the world competing at the Quiksilver Pro Surf Contest in Tahiti. The song is played during the film’s final and most climactic pipeline scene.

The third album Live – Under the Covers was released in July 2004 for promotional use only, and captures Segue performing live at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco and Sweetwater in Mill Valley.

Since June 1997, Bay Area-based Saltwater Designs has produced all promotional fliers for Segue and Seguesounds Productions.


Current Line-Up

  • Ralph Barsi – drums (1994 – present)
  • Michael Gable – vocals (1996 – present)
  • Stefan Mayo – guitar, harmonica (1996 - present)
  • Brian Shindledecker – guitar (1999 – 2000; 2005 – present)
  • Mark Fassler – bass guitar (2002 – present)

Former members

  • John Pasha – guitar (1994 – 1999)
  • Dan Burke – keyboards (1994 – 1999)
  • Graham Burke – vocals (1994 – 1995)
  • Martin Burke – bass guitar (1994 – 1995; 1999 – 2000)
  • Matt Dirkes – guitar (1994 – 1998)
  • Paul Walker – bass guitar (1994 – 1995)
  • Thad Bedard – bass guitar (1995 – 1999)
  • Rick Garcia – guitar (2000)
  • Bill Taylor – guitar (2002 – 2004)


Segue (demo tape) November 1996 Move On, Shot Her Dead, Sunshine, One Day At A Time, Girl, Where Have You Been?, Blue Iguana
Segue (LP) September 1998 Hard Time, One Day, Detect, Move On, Martiansexist, Cradle of Heaven (Blood), Back Door, California, Sunshine, Bonus Track
She Turns To Gold (Single) February 1999 She Turns to Gold
Escape Without Injury (LP) June 2002 Revival, Hot Tonight, Tonic, Timestopper, You’re Not the Only One, Trust, Ray’s House, Show Me Your Love, Two Feet, Holiday, Right Now, A Song for Ralphie
Sweet Solia (EP) October 2003 Sweet Solia, We’re Gonna Be Friends (White), I’m Only Sleeping (Lennon/McCartney)
Live – Under the Covers (LP) July 2004 Bertha (Garcia/Hunter), It’s Your Thing (Isley/Isley/Isley), Bovet, Ray’s House, Jumping Jack Flash (Jagger/Richards), Timestopper, Detect, Leaving Here (Holland/Holland/Dozier), Announcement/Show Me Your Love, Rich Little Girl (Bluhm), No Waiting, Big Legged Woman (King), Folsom Prison Blues (Cash), Hey, Me and Baby Brother(Allen/Brown/Dickerson/Jordan/Miller/Oskar/Scott), Day Tripper (Lennon/McCartney), Revival


Segue: 10-Year Reunion Show (DVD)'' December 2004

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