"Seemann" is a song by Rammstein, released as the second single from their LP Herzeleid. Its translation is Seaman, or Sailor.

The video is Schneider, Riedel, Landers and Kruspe pulling a boat through the sand, with Till and a masked Flake inside. Later, they decide to keelhaul Till, still singing. The boat winds up in flames. The video is intertwined with shots of a woman, dressed like a prostitute.

Live story

The first known performance of the song is from the New Year's Eve 1994-1995 concert in Saalfeld, Germany. It was probably played at every date of the Herzeleid tour. In the Sehnsucht tour, during this song, Flake (keyboard) usually sat in a small inflatable boat and sailed over the crowd who waves and bring the boat back to the stage after a short tour. This stunt is now performed by Ollie Riedel, in Stripped instead of Seemann. Never played in the Mutter or Reise, Reise tours, Seemann was probably last played on June 23rd, 1999 in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Track listing

  1. Seemann
  2. Der Meister
  3. Rammstein in the House (Timewriter-Remix) 6:26

Cover versions

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