Sean O'Sullivan (footballer)


O'Sullivan is an Irish surname, associated with the southwestern part of Ireland, originally found in County Tipperary before the Anglo-Norman invasion then in the counties of Cork and Kerry, which due to emigration is also common in Australia, North America and The UK. Emigrants often suppressed the "O" to make the name Sullivan; the two names are both anglicised versions of the Irish name Ó Súilleabháin.

In the Irish language the word Ó means 'grandson' and can be found in many Irish surnames. It has been anglicised as O'. When placed before the genitive form of Súilleabhán, which is Súilleabháin, it can be translated as grandson of. While the use of an apostrophe is a common convention in English, the apostrophe is never used in the original Irish language version of the name.

Ó Súilleabháin (the genitive form of súilleabhán being súilleabháin) probably derives from the Irish Ó which comes from Ua meaning grandson and súildhubhán meaning little dark-eyed one, from the Irish súil meaning eye followed by dubh meaning black and the diminutive suffix -án.

The motto for the O'Sullivans is "An Lámh Fhoisteanach Abú" which translates as "The Steady Hand to Victory"

Notable people named O'Sullivan include:

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