SeXXXy Eddy

Eddy Dorozowsky

Eddy Dorozowsky (born April 13, 1978) is a Canadian professional wrestler and promoter, known by his ring name SeXXXy Eddy, who has competed in North American independent promotions including CHIKARA, Combat Zone Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Northern Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and UWA Hardcore Wrestling as well as touring Europe with International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom and Westside Xtreme Wrestling.

He is also the co-founder of the International Wrestling Syndicate along with PCP Crazy F’N Manny and Nixon Stratus and was among the first wrestlers from that promotion to become a major star on the American independent circuit. As part of his controversial in-ring persona, heavily influenced by "Ravishing" Rick Rude and Shawn Michaels, he has wrestled in a considerable number of mixed and intergender matches with numerous female wrestlers.


Early life and career

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Dorozowsky was a wrestling fan growing up and, during interviews, recalls watching his first wrestling match with his father, a steel cage match between the Big Boss Man and then WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan on Saturday Night's Main Event. He also attended an independent wrestling event several years later which was raising money for the "Telethon Of Stars" charity. His younger sister, confined to a wheelchair due to spina bifida, was the guest of honor.

He was involved in sports during high school, including rugby, football and three years of amateur wrestling, and later attended Dawson College. While he was there, he and a friend became radio DJs and, during the summer of 1996, they began a faux "on-air war" between each other which had started from private joking and eventually escalated to their agreeing to meet in a fight at the college's annual campus barbecue. Their violent "wrestling show", which included smashing beer bottles on their heads, was taped on video and widely distributed in the local Montreal-area.

Two years later, Dorozowsky formed the Dawson Wrestling Federation and started holding outdoor "backyard wrestling" events at the campus and became the promotion's first champion. Local wrestler Max Rendinella, known as Heavy Maxx Fury, was one of those who saw the tapes of the promotion and offered to train Dorozowsky. He eventually made his debut against his trainer at a wrestling event at Dawson College on April 23, 1999. His father accompanied him as his manager while his brother was a cameraman during the show. The match, much like his previous one, was a hardcore-style match which involved thumbtacks. One of his key finishing moves, the "Garbage sault", was also demonstrated during the match when he performed a moonsault while holding a garbage can over his head. Following this event, the college prohibited live wrestling events on college property.

World Wrestling Syndicate

After the match, Rendinella suggested looking into working for the Montreal-based Northern Championship Wrestling. Dorozowsky accepted his offer and began training with NCW's head instructor Marc the Grizzly. In early-1999, Dorozowsky joined with PCP Crazy F’N Manny and Nixon Stratus to form the World Wrestling Syndicate and held their first show, Blood, Sweat & Beers '99 at Wally’s on June 17, 1999. Dorozowsky and the others chose the local bar as an ideal location for their events when Elefthriou noticed the four large concrete pillars, approximately eighteen feet apart, could be easily be converted makeshift wrestling rings by attaching ropes and laying down mats. On October 30, after winning a match for a title shot against WWS Heavyweight Champion TNT, Dorozowsky defeated him for the title in the main event later that night.

The WWS very quickly gained a reputation as one of Quebec's fastest growing independent promotions comparable to Extreme Championship Wrestling and Japanese "garbage wrestling" promotions such as Big Japan Pro Wrestling and Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling. The promotion became known among some Quebec wrestling fans as "le fed Canadian Tire" for the foreign objects used in matches. However, the promotion was forced to moved when Wally's closed and the last WWS show, Praise the Violence '00, was held there in April 2000.

During much of his early career, Dorozowsky wrestled in the Montreal-area for Northern Championship Wrestling, being voted NCW Rookie of the Year in 2000, as well as the International Wrestling Syndicate becoming a mainstay as Eddy SeXXXy in both promotions. He also spent time in independent promotions in Ontario and Newfoundland.

Internet Wrestling Syndicate

Soon after leaving Wally's, the promotion was renamed the Internet Wrestling Syndicate (and later the International Wrestling Syndicate). Both Dorozowsky and Patterson allowed Manny Elefthriou to take over the day-to-day running of the promotion so as to concentrate of their wrestling careers. After Elefthriou formed a partnership with Carol Cox's Wild Rose Productions, a Montreal-based adult entertainment internet company, the promotion began holding events at Le Medley. At one of these early shows, Eddy was nearly stripped by adult actress Tangerine Dream.

On October 6, 2001, he won the IWS Heavyweight Championship for a second time and held the title for over half a year. On November 21, Eddy appeared at the IWS's second Medley show, Born to Bleed '01, pinning PCP Crazy F’N Manny in the main event after a leaping frog splash off the balcony. On November 24, at the supercard Payback’s a Bitch '01, Eddy was scheduled to defend his title against Carl Leduc. Shortly before the match however, Leduc entered the ring and refused to face Eddy criticizing him and the promotion. When he became involved in an altercation with several fans at ringside, Manny Elefthriou came out to give Leduc money for his appearance and had security escort him from the building. As a result of this incident, Leduc's father, Paul Leduc ended his company's relationship with IWS which included renting out their wrestling ring to the IWS.

In June 2002, he faced former World Wrestling Federation star Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and suffered a concussion during the match. Later that year, he also won the Tournament of the Icons III. Suffering a serious shoulder injury, in which nearly all the ligaments in his right shoulder were torn, he was out of action for nearly a year. In one of his earliest matches back, he lost to Fred le Merveille at The Unison in Montreal on January 18, 2004,.

Combat Zone Wrestling

In May 2003, still nursing his shoulder injury, Eddy was called by Combat Zone Wrestling promoter John Zandig and offered him a spot at CZW Tournament of Death II, however he declined Zandig's offer so he could take another year off to train and allow more time to heal his injury. He did, however, accept Zandig's offer to enter the CZW Tournament of Death III in Smyrna, Delaware on July 24, 2004. Initially introduced performing a lap dance on John Zandig’s wife, he later went on to defeat Ian Knoxx in a "Thumb Tack" match in the opening rounds. In the semi-finals against Arsenal, Eddy defeated him in a Light Tubes match as well. However, he cut an artery in his arm during the match and it was announced that he would have to forfeit the match and go to a local hospital for stitches. He eventually had nineteen stitches put into his arm.

Inviting him back for CZW High Stakes on September 11, Eddy defeated Kevin Steen, El Generico and Excess 69 in a four-way match. Afterwards, he was given a standing ovation by the crowd chanting "please come back". Making appearances at the supercards CZW High Stakes 2, Cage of Death VI and Gen Z, he also made an appearance for Jersey All Pro Wrestling, losing to Kevin Steen on December 10. The following night, Eddy joined Team Ca$h (Chris Cash, JC Bailey & Nate Webb) defeated Team Blackout (Ruckus, Sabian, Eddie Kingston & Jack Evans) to win the CZW World Tag Team titles in a War Games-style Cage of Death match on December 11. During the match, Eddy performed the "Garbage sault" off the top of the steel cage.

International Wrestling Syndicate

Returning to Montreal at the end of that week, he defeated Damian on December 18, 2004. On June 12, Eddy appeared in the main event of the IWS fifth anniversary show teaming with the Green Phantom in a death match against Arsenal & Evil Ninja. PCP Crazy F.N. Manny was the special guest referee. The match saw the use of light tubes, glass and fire before the Green Phantom put Evil Ninja through a burning pane of glass. The event also featured Pierre Oulette and Sid Vicious, returning from a near three-year absence from wrestling, who together won the 10-team tag rumble defeating the Flying Hurricanes (Kenny The Bastard & Takao), 2.0 (Jagged & Shane Matthews), the Masked Assassins (Pipe & Wrench), Dan Paysan & Tomassino, T-Unit (Big Larry & Dolla Bill), Los Latinos (Latino Kid & Latino Mysterio), Syndicat de Lutte Internet (Fred le Merveille & Marc le Grizzly) and Extreme Revolution (Crazy Crusher & Nightmare Manson). Appearing as Touche, the official mascot for the Montreal Alouettes, he pinned Kim Chee, the "handler" of Kamala, during the half-time show at an Alouettes football game attended by over 20,000 fans on July 15. The main event saw Kamala being pinned by Jacques Rougeau.

On September 25, Eddy appeared in the co-main event at Freedom to Fight against Excess69 and IWS Heavyweight Champion Kevin Steen in a triple threat match. Earlier, he had been slapped by Steen in a pre-match interview. The show also opened with a video of his match against El Generico, Kevin Steen, Excess69 and Beef Wellington, the first ever four-man four corner threat match, which he had won. On October 30, Eddy made his first appearance for Jersey All Pro Wrestling losing to El Generico in a four-way match with Excess 69 and Beef Wellington.

The following month, he went on a 3-day tour of Europe appearing with Westside Xtreme Wrestling in Essen, Germany facing Steve Douglas at Fan Appreciation Night on November 19 and, the next night at Fight Club '04, Thumbtack Jack in a TLC match. On November 21, he was a last minute replacement for Nick Mondo when he participated in an event for International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom losing to Paul Travell in a three-way match with Flaming Red in Kent, England on November 21.

IWS, CZW and the independent circuit

On January 8, 2005, he and Chris Cash successfully defended their titles against Super Dragon & Excalibur. At New Year's Madness 2 on January 22, he defeated Beef Wellington, Damian, Kid Kamikaze, Mr. X-TreeM and Hell Storm in a six-way match. In another 4-way match, he lost to Mike Quackenbush in a match for the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship with Arsenal and Alex Shelley on February 5. He also defeated Arsenal and Eddie Kingston in house shows the next two months. He managed to return to IWS for the supercard Un F'N Sanctioned losing to ExesS on March 26, considered one of his best matches in his career, and IWS Heavyweight Champion Franky the Mobster on April 23. Losing to Kevin Steen at a show for Pro Wrestling Guerilla on May 13, the following night in CZW he and "Spyder" Nate Webb defeated Blackout (Ruckus & Eddie Kingston). He also lost to B-Boy at a JAPW show on May 21.

On May 28, he defeated Dan Paysan (with valet D-Vyn) at a IWS event. Paysan had previously interfered in his earlier match with Franky the Mobster costing him the match against the IWS Heavyweight Champion. On June 4, he lost to EWR Heavyweight Champion Excess in a three-way match with Eric Cooper at a show for JAPW. Due to outside interference from Eddie Kingston, he also lost to CZW World Heavyweight Champion Ruckus in a cage match on June 11.

On July 2, Eddy won four-way over B-Boy and Alex Price and Cody 45 at the Mid-Summer Madness supercard. A week later, he also defeated Franky the Mobster, The Arsenal and Evil Ninja in a steel cage match to capture the IWS Heavyweight title. That same day, he also lost to Blackout (Ruckus, Sabian & Eddie Kingston) in a 6-man tag team match with Nate Webb & B-Boy. Defending the IWS Heavyweight Championship at a UWA Hardcore Wrestling show, he defeated Chris Bishop on July 22. He also beat Franky the Mobster, the Green Phantom and Kurt Lauderdale in a Sudden Death match the next night.

Eddy once again entered the 2005 CZW Tournament of Death III and lost to JC Bailey in the opening round. In one of the more infamous moments in the tournament, Bailey poured thumbtacks down Eddy's trunks and then kicked him in the crotch during their match. In an interpromotional show between CZW and the Maven Bentley Association, Eddy defending his IWS title against Sabian defeating him on August 6. He would lose the title to Excess at an IWS show in a ladder match almost two weeks later.

On August 26, he lost to Beef Wellington in a four-way match with El Generico and Kevin Steen at another show for UWA Hardcore Wrestling. Two months later, lost to EXesS in a First Blood match on October 29. He also lost to CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion Derek Frazier in a three-way match with JC Bailey on November 12. However, he defeated Beef Wellington at a UWA Hardcore Wrestling show on November 25. At an IWS show on December 3, Eddy lost to the Green Phantom in a 3-way Christmas Tree Death match with Tomassino and, on December 10, he and Nate Webb lost to Adam Flash & Sonjay Dutt.

Losing to Asylum at a UWA Hardcore Wrestling show on January 13, 2006, he also lost to "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney and the H8 Club on February 11. Entering the CHIKARA 2006 World Grand Prix Tag Tournament, he and Kevin Steen lost to Arik Cannon & Jigsaw in the opening rounds on February 26. On March 11, Eddy teamed with The Messiah & Nate Webb in a 6-man tag team match and lost to Sonjay Dutt, B-Boy & Adam Flash. He also lost to Asylum in a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight for UWA Hardcore Wrestling later that month. At an event for CWA Montreal, he and Necro Butcher lost to Gino Martino & Pierre Vachon in an American Hardcore Frenzy match on April 8.

In early-2006, he and LuFisto would form a regular tag team, the Missionaries of Violence, and continue to team with each other throughout the year competing in mixed tag team matches. On April 22, he and LuFisto defeated Jagger W. Bush & Shayne Hawke and, on June 3, they also defeated SLI-USA (Jagger W. Bush, Shayne Hawke & Fred le Merveille), The Rock & Cock Express (Twiggy & Pornstar Juan) and The Soprano Family (Tomassino & Jake Matthews) in a four-way tag team match. On June 10, they made their debut in CZW losing to Adam Flash & Pandora. On July 8, he defeated Niles Young at CZW A Prelude to Violence to win the Junior Heavyweight title and defended it against The Prophet on an AWA/CWA Montreal card on July 22. On August 13, he defeated Beef Wellington and Kid Kamikaze in a three-way Hardcore match for Inter Species Wrestling and, on that same card, lost to IWS Canadian Heavyweight Champion Player Uno in a five-way match with Jagged, Jimmy Stone and Dan Paysan. Losing to Kevin Steen & The Prophet in a tag team match with Steve McFly on August 19, he and LuFisto also lost to IWS Tag Team Champions The Hardcore Ninjaz on August 26.

At the CZW Chri$ Ca$h Memorial on September 9, Eddy lost the CZW World Junior Heavyweight title to Sonjay Dutt. On September 30, Eddy and LuFisto lost to Lionel Knight & Christopher Bishop at an IWS show. On October 14, Eddy lost to CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion Jigsaw in a three-way match with Luke. On October 28, he and Beef Wellington lost to the Christopher Street Connection for JAPW and, the next night, lost to Mad Man Pondo in Stranglehold Wrestling's King of the Death Match Tournament. He also made a 2-day appearance for IWA Mid-South entering as the only male wrestler in the first annual Queen of the Death Match Tournament on November 3. Brought in as a last minute replacement, he defeated Amy Lee in a Four Corners of Pain Death match in the opening rounds before being eliminated by Mayumi Ozaki in a 2-out-of-3 Log Cabins of Glass Death match in the semi-finals. He and Jagged lost to Chuck Taylor & Mitch Ryder in a tag team match the next night.

On November 10, he and Beef Wellington lost to Up in Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) at an MXW show in Albany, New York. The following night in CZW, Eddy defeated Gran Akuma, Niles Young and Max Boyer in a four-way match. Later that month, he lost to Larry Sweeney at a November 23rd UWA Hardcore Wrestling show in Mississauga and, two days later, wrestled two matches in one night losing to Michael Elgin & Jay Fenix in a tag team match with Bruno Davis at a Rough Wrestling International show and defeating Tim Dalton for New School Wrestling in Hamilton, Ontario. On December 2, Eddy lost to "Paranoid" Jake Matthews at an IWS show and, on December 9, lost to Hallowicked in a match to determine the number one contender to the CZW World Junior Heavyweight title.

Return to Montreal

On January 20, 2007, Eddy lost a match against IWS Canadian Champion Dan Paysan. The following month, he lost to Pierre Carl Oullete on February 17. In March, he made appearances for Inter-Species Wrestling defeating Kenny the Bastard and King Sphinx in a three-way match on March 3 and, a week later, defeated Jake O'Reilly for the Canadian Wrestling Revolution in Maple, Ontario.

That same month, he and the Green Phantom formed Scarred & Sexxxy later winning the IWS Tag Team titles from The Hardcore Ninjaz in a Montreal Death match on March 24. During the next month, he appeared in NWA Upstate and Motor City Wrestling before losing the titles back to The Hardcore Ninjaz in a three-way match with The Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno & Stupefied) on April 28. They failed to regain the titles in a rematch which included Hi-5 (Beef Wellington & Kid Kamikaze) on May 26 and again in a No Ropes Barbed Wire match on June 16 and broke up shortly after.

He also made appearances in Provincial Championship Wrestling and IWA Texas/Anarchy Championship Wrestling and lost to NSW Brass Knuckles Champion Timothy Dalton on June 30. In early-July, he defeated The Prophet and Green Phantom in separate matches for Motor City Wrestling. He also fought to a no-contest against Chris Laplante at a NWF show in Sunridge, Ontario. Later that night, he lost a 6-man tag team match with Jeremy Barnoff & Inferno to Laplante, Hickster and Kryss Thorn.

Back in the IWS, Eddy lost to Kid Kamikaze on August 18 after being distracted by his former tag team partner The Green Phantom. He met the Green Phantom in a match the following month, however outside interference by local sports radio hosts cost him the match. On October 12, he entered the ALF's Amazones et Titans mixed tag team tournament with Vanessa Kraven, however they fought to a time limit draw with eXeSs & Kacey Diamond in the opening rounds. Up to his usual antics, Eddy kissed a female fan at ringside during the match. He then attempted to grope Kacey Diamond, however both she and Vanessa Kraven grabbed his crotch in response.

On October 27, Eddy faced Kwan Chang in the main event of CGPW Halloween Horror and lost him after Chang used his kendo stick as a foreign object to pin Eddy. At RWI Wrestleroast the next night, Eddy defeated The Prophet in Welland, Ontario. He later teamed with Quinson Valentino to defeat The Prophet & Kryss Thorn that night. On November 2, Eddy defeated "The Prince of Persia" Rahim Ali in Cornwall and, later that night, lost to The Prophet in a match for the CWA Internet-TV Championship. After the match, Eddy kissed The Prophet's valet Persephony. At a show for the IWS the next night, Eddy reunited with his tag team partner LuFisto but lost to Shayne Hawke & EXesS. Several days later at an event for Capital City Championship Combat, Eddy challenged Exess to a special "Sexxxy Eddy Challenge" match and lost to his rival. On November 16, Eddy defeated Brick Crawford in a match for the SWR International Championship at an SWR/NGE show in Chateauguay, Quebec. After winning the title, Eddy was attacked by The Prophet and beat him for the title that night. On November 24, Eddy defeated Matt Bash at MWF En Route Vers Extreme Hatred in Valleyfield, Quebec.

On December 1, Eddy and Scotty Vortekz defeated Ultramantis Black in a triple threat match to advance to the finals of the Deathmatch Tournament at 2007 IWA Deep South Carnage Cup in Pulaski, Tennessee. He lost to Freakshow in the four-way elimination match with Scotty Vortekz and Danny Havoc. That same night, although absent from the IWS, his valet Hottie Holly distracted LuFisto in a death match against Crazy F'n Manny in order for 2.0 (Jagged & Shane Matthews) to attack her from behind. On December 5, Eddy lost to NWF Heavyweight Champion Kryss Thorn and, the following night, he defeated Razz Mansour in a match for Great Canadian Wrestling in Oshawa, Ontario. Two days later at CZW Cage Of Death IX, he interfered in LuFisto's match against CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion Sabian after hitting her with a steel chair. After the match however, Sabian attacked Eddy and hugged LuFisto out of a sign of respect. Later on, Eddy lost to official CZW photographer Whacks in a three-way Barbed Wire Tables match. At MWF Extreme Hatred, Eddy lost to Alex Price (with Rickster Oz McGoth) in Valleyfield, Quebec on December 15, 2007.

Recent years

At the CWA supercard New Years Bashing, Eddy defeated eXeSs and Kwan Chang in a three-way match in Cornwall, Ontario on January 5, 2008. On January 11, Eddy was the special guest referee at ALF's Sang Restriction in Montreal. Officiating the main event between Parfaite Caroline and Nikky Perrier, Caroline was counted out by Eddy. The next night, he lost to "The Wanted Man" Ryan Dennim at an RWI show in Welland, Ontario. Eddy also appeared at C4 Fallout on January 19 teaming with Twiggy to defeated eXeSs & Shayne Hawke in Ottawa and NWF Experience The Revolution on January 24 defeating Cody Deaner in Barrie, Ontario. He later appeared in the main event with Jeremy Barnoff losing to Kryss Thorn & C.K. Sexx with the help of UFC fighter Dave Beneteau.

Two days later at IWS's Praise The Violence, Eddy faced his former tag team partner LuFisto in Montreal. He was accompanied by valet Hottie Hollie. He faced LuFisto again at CZW's 9 F?N Years supercard losing to her in an Ultraviolent Domestic Dispute match in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A week later at IWS's Violent Valentines, he and Jake Matthews (with valet Lollipop) defeated Green Phantom & Kid Kamikaze. On February 23, he and Karnage (with Andy Rossetti) lost to Damian & Drake Styles in a match for the NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship at CWA The Return: "Aftershock". The next night at ISW's Love Hurts, Eddy lost to Misty Haven.

On March 1, Eddy appeared at IWA-Mid South's 500th Show in Joliet, Illinois and participated in an 8-man TLC Open Contract match which involved Ash, Ruckus, Mickie Knuckles, Devon Moore, Brandon Thomaselli, Jaysin Strife and "Diehard" Dustin Lee in an 8-man TLC Open Contract match. During the match, Eddy kissed Mickie Knuckles. On March 14, Eddy and Anna Minoushka lost to Nikky Perrier & Mary Lollipop at ALF's Force Excessive. As part of the match, Eddy wrestled with one boot on and later on kissed and spanked Mary Lollipop.

On March 22, Eddy lost to RCW Heavyweight Champion Kaimana (with Ativalu) in the main event at RCW Night Of Glory in Saint-Sulpice, Quebec. On April 4, Eddy appeared in Paul DeLuc's FLQ promotion and, in the main event, lost to FLQ Heavyweight Champion Spike in a four-way match with Tank and Carl DeLuc in Montreal, Quebec. His valet for the night, Rachelle, was in his corner during the match. Later that week at IWA-Mid South's A Bloody Road Ahead, Eddy defeated Hydra in Indianapolis, Indiana. The next night at IWA-Mid South's April Bloodshowers, Eddy lost to Ash in a four-way match with Brian Skyline and Christin Able in Joliet, Illinois. On April 27, Eddy beat Jagged at the C4 Domination supercard in Ottawa, Ontario.

On May 9, Eddy and Anna Minoushka lost to Beef Wellington & Charlotte Lamothe at an ALF show in Montreal. Following the match, Eddy proposed to Anna with an engagement ring. On May 24, Eddy lost to eXeSs at Freedom To Fight. He also made two more appearances in FLQ teaming with Velvet Jones to defeat Surfer & Moonlight on June 7 and, with Sweet Cherry, defeating X-Ode & Josianne the Pussycat on June 13. The next night at C4 Crossing The Line, Eddy and Xtremo defeated The Flatliners (Asylum & Matt Burns) in Ottawa. On July 19, Eddy lost to Kevin Steen & 2.0 (Jagged & Shane Matthews) in a 6-man tag team match with Beef Wellington & Evil Ninja in the main event at IWS Summer Slaughter. The following night, he appeared at the FCL Festi-Beach supercard to defeat Aaron Von Shwartz in Lac-à-la-Tortue, Quebec. In early-2008, Eddy appeared on the YTV series Prank Patrol, a children's series similar to MTV's Punk'd, in which he helped train a teenager for a 2 minute wrestling match as a practical joke on his younger cousin.

At Freedom to Fight, submitted to EXesS after being put in a side triangle choke. During the match, EXesS kicked an eyebrow piercing off of Eddy's face causing him to bleed profusely and be sent to the emergency room of a local hospital. Although the crowd had begun cheering for him during the last moments of the match, Eddy at the fans for "only getting excited at the sight of his blood". On July 19, he and Beef Wellington faced 2.0 (Jagged & Shane Matthews) at the IWS supercard Summer Slaughter at Bogey's World Bar & Billiard in Montreal. On August 1, he faced Devon Moore at IWA Mid-South's "Kings of the Crimson Mask" show in Joliet, Illinois. This was his 400th professional wrestling match.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves

*Total Sexstasy (Imploding senton bomb)
*SeXXX on the Beach (Split-legged moonsault)
*X-Rated (Slingshot 450° splash)
*Thrill to Kill (Reverse piledriver)
*Porn Splash (High-angle frog splash)

  • Valets

*Hottie Holly

Championships and accomplishments

*CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
*CZW World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Chris Cash & Nate Webb & JC Bailey

  • Elite Wrestling Action

*EWA Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

*IWS Heavyweight Championship (3 times)1
*IWS Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with The Green Phantom
*Tournament of the Icons III winner (2002)

  • Internet Wrestling Syndicate

*IWS Tag Team Championship (1 time)

*Rookie of the Year (2000)

  • Showcase Wrestling Revolution

*SWR International Championship (1 time)

*PWI ranked him # 365 of the 500 best singles wrestlers of the PWI 500 in 2007.
*PWI ranked him # 402 of the 500 best singles wrestlers of the PWI 500 in 2006.


1This does not include his title reigns in the Dawson Wrestling Federation, World Wrestling Syndicate or Internet Wrestling Syndicate.


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