Scurfing (Towsport)

Scurfing (Towsport)

Scurfing is a form of water skiing that uses a surfboard or similar board instead of skis. The scurfer is towed behind a motorboat at planing speed with a tow rope similar to that of knee boarding and wakeboarding. It shares an advantage with kneeboarding in that the motorboat does not require as much speed as it does for water skiing.

Scurfing is a (towsport) it is very similar to water skiing. The scurfboard, however, is a surfboard and is usually shorter by about two feet, wider and has three larger fins that make the board easier to manoeuvre while being pulled behind a boat. The planing speed of the motorboat is equivalent of the speed generated by a wave, and allows the scurfer to ride behind the boat the same way a surfer would ride a wave. An advantage of scurfing to surfing is that when the surf is flat a scurfing is still possible. Scurfing can be done behind a boat or a jet ski on a river or the ocean. The manoeuvres on a scurfboard are much the same as that of the surfboard, these include.  cut-backs  180  360  aerial jumps  power slides  freeriding

Freeriding is when the wake is surfed without the rope. First the rider pulls themselves up the rope so that they are scurfing in the largest part of the wake. The rider then gently pumps the board to maintain speed and moves their weight further forward to help them stay on the wake wave. Once they are being propelled by the wake the rope is thrown back in to the boat.

Scurfing has developed into its own unique sport but has also been used in adapting other sports such as surfing. Before scurfing was invented there were limitations to paddling onto larger waves when surfing because surfers lacked the speed needed to stay in front of the wave. Scurfing has shown the world the potential of big wave surfing by towing the surfer into big surf. Therefore giving the surfer the speed needed to catch the wave successfully.

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