Scuppers: The Sailor Dog


Scuppers The Sailor Dog (or simply The Sailor Dog) is a chidren's book authored by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Garth Williams. It was originally published in 1953 by Golden Books. Note that the 2001 edition lacks four pages of beautiful color illustrations and text found in the original 1953 edition.

The book is noticeable for:

a distinctive hero:

  • the hero, a dog named Scuppers, "born at sea in the teeth of a gale" but raised on a farm
  • focused, clear life goal of becoming a sailor
  • persistent efforts to achieve that goal
  • orderly arrangement of modest possessions
  • diligent and constructive response to disaster
  • desire to improve lifestyle
  • satisfaction (or contentment) with his choices

a simple plot:

  • searching for the opportunity to be a sailor
  • grasping the opportunity when it comes
  • discovering the opportunities during a tragedy
  • overcoming the limitations from a tragedy
  • movement to improve lifestyle
  • sailing to a new horizon
  • closing affirmation of goal (in the form of a song)

little known facts about Scuppers ("Scups")

  • Scups ran for the Wolves in 97-98
  • Scups had a four pound tumor in his right quad
  • Scups always inserted a fresh dip for all pre-race course walks
  • Scups did, and still does, enjoy the perkier things in life

lyrical, poetic storyline:

  • "Born at sea in the teeth of a gale, the sailor was a dog. Scuppers was his name."

lush, colorful, detailed illustrations

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