Scugog, Ontario

Scugog is a township in the Regional Municipality of Durham, south-central Ontario, Canada. Scugog Township was also an historic municipality and geographic township prior to the amalgamation that formed the current municipality.


The original Township of Scugog was originally divided between Reach and Cartwright Townships in Ontario County and Northumberland and Durham County respectively. When Lake Scugog was created by a dam in Lindsay in 1834, flooding created an island known as Scugog Island. The island was separated from Reach and Cartwright to form Scugog Township in 1856. The new Township was part of Ontario County.

According to Alan Rayburn's Place Names of Ontario, the name Scugog is derived from the Mississauga word sigaog, which means "waves leap over a canoe." This refers to the creation of Lake Scugog. Other sources indicate that it is a native word meaning swampy or marshy land.

The creation of the Regional Municipality of Durham in 1974 resulted in municipal restructuring of the various townships in Ontario County. The current Township of Scugog was created through the amalgamation of the original Township of Scugog, the Township of Reach, the Township of Cartwright and the Village of Port Perry.

Current municipality

The Township is primarily a rural/agricultural area, but is experiencing considerable population growth. Port Perry is the chief commercial and administrative centre of the municipality.

The largest private-sector employer in the area is the Great Blue Heron Casino, located on the Scugog First Nation on Scugog Island. Schneider Meats also has a facility in the Township. The Township is also a popular tourist destination due to the casino and recreational opportunities from Lake Scugog. Many residents also commute to other Durham Region communities and further afield.


According to the 2006 Statistics Canada Census:

  • Population: 21,439
  • % Change (2001-2006): 6.3
  • Dwellings: 8,345
  • Area (km²): 474.63
  • Density (persons per km²): 45.2


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