Scorpio, constellation: see Scorpius.
or Scorpius(Latin; “Scorpion”)

In astronomy, the constellation lying between Libra and Sagittarius; in astrology, the eighth sign of the zodiac, governing approximately the period October 24–November 21. Its symbol, a scorpion, refers to the Greek myth of the scorpion that stung Orion. The story explains why the constellation of Orion sets as Scorpius rises in the sky. Another Greek myth says that a scorpion caused the horses of the sun to bolt when they were being driven by the inexperienced Phaethon.

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Scorpio may refer to:

  • Scorpion, a venomous animal, from which most of the following get their name
  • Scorpius, one of the constellations of the western zodiac
  • Scorpio (astrology), the astrological sign represented by this constellation


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