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GÉANT is the main European multi-gigabit computer network for research and education purposes. GÉANT link speeds range from 155 Mbit/s on the slowest spur links to 10 Gbit/s in the core optical fiber network.

The GÉANT project began in November 2000, entered full production operation in December 2001 (fully replacing TEN-155). Originally due to finish in October 2004, it was subsequently extended until April 2005. The project to plan, procure, build and operate the next generation of the network was named GÉANT2 and it began in September 2004.

It is intended that GÉANT interconnect with other regional research networks (such as JANET, HEAnet, Abilene Network, CANARIE, ESnet, SINET) to create a single global research network. It currently has gigabit links to North America and Japan.

The GÉANT network is managed by DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe).

National research and education networks connected to GÉANT are:

It also has interconnections to Canada's CANARIE research and education network.

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