Schwabe (crater)

Schwabe (crater)

Schwabe is a small lunar crater that is located in the northern part of the Moon. It ies to the southeast of the much larger Arnold crater, and east-northeast of Democritus crater.

The rim of this crater is cut through by a cleft along the northwest, and by a small, uneven along the southeastern rim. This last crater, designated 'Schwabe D', has a cleft in its western rim that runs to the west until it joins the lava-flooded terrain surrounding 'Schwabe G'. To the south of Schwabe is a cleft like-feature that runs from the rim of 'Schwabe D' a distance of nearly 100 km eastward.

The remaining rim of Schwabe crater is worn and uneven, with the most intact section along the east-southeast side. The interior floor has been resurfaced by basaltic-lava, possibly entering the crater through the aforementioned gaps in the rim. The surface is level and featureless, aith an albedo that matches the surrounding terrain.

Satellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid-point that is closest to Schwabe crater.

Schwabe Latitude Longitude Diameter
C 67.8° N 46.9° E 29 km
D 64.5° N 44.6° E 17 km
E 64.0° N 43.4° E 19 km
F 66.4° N 50.0° E 20 km
G 65.5° N 42.2° E 15 km
K 67.5° N 48.8° E 9 km
U 66.5° N 57.1° E 17 km
W 69.6° N 52.2° E 9 km
X 68.3° N 56.6° E 8 km


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