SchoolDisco (or is a club night in the UK. While in previous years it has been held in venues all over the UK and Ireland and worldwide, currently there is a single weekly night held in Hammersmith. On 17 February 2007 School Disco, moved to London Forum. In June 2008 School Disco moved to The Palace Music Hall in south west London.

The club night derives its name from the requirement that all attendees wear school uniform and the fact the music played is traditionally that which would have been played at 'genuine' school discos for those in attendance (that is, pop music from the late 1970s to the early 1990s).

Since SchoolDisco was first launched, many other imitation club nights have been run worldwide.


School Disco was set up by south London school friends Bobby and Mik in September 1999. The first SchoolDisco night was held in September 1999 in Ormonds Restaurant in central London. This was a monthly event with numbers approaching 100 for the first three months. However, on New Year's Eve 1999, fewer than 20 turned up.

The first regular night was held in the SW1 club in Victoria in February 2000. After three months, the club was forced to leave the SW1 club due to its popularity. After a period in a number of clubs across London, the club moved to 'Vauxhall Grammar School', in reality, a school hall-sized nightclub in Vauxhall, in September 2000, where it remained until April 2001. At this time, SchoolDisco moved to Po Na Na (formerly the Hammersmith Palais), where it has remained since. The club subsequently reverted to the Hammersmith Palais name.

In July 2001, the SchoolDisco management started a second club night on Fridays, initially at the Hanover Grand in central London. This Friday night event later moved to the original Vauxhall Grammar School but no longer runs.

School Disco moved to The Forum in Kentish Town, London on 17 February 2007 as the Hammersith Palais is being demolished.

School Disco Radio launched online 1 Novebmer 2007. In 2008 School Disco launched a social networking website called Yearbook, where you can interact with other School Disco attendees, share photos and keep in touch with friends you might have met at one of the events.

School Disco moved to The Palace Music Hall in London SW18 for their new home June 2008.

The club night regularly attracts over 200 people and celebrity appearances include the following:

SchoolDisco was first run in other cities as follows:

In the summer of 2002, an outdoor SchoolFields event was held on Clapham Common with approximately 6000 'school kids' in attendance.

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