School ships

Current French Navy ships

This is a (non exhaustive) list of currently operating ships of the French Navy.

Aircraft carriers

Projection and command vessels

Helicopter cruiser



SNA (SSN Nuclear attack submarines)

First rank frigates (destroyers)

The French Navy does not use the term "destroyer"; thus, some large ships of the first rank (like Horizon) are designated "frigates", though they are registered and operate as destroyers (with hull numbers "Dxxx").

Second rank frigates


Lighter combat ships are called Avisos, roughly equivalent to Corvettes in other navies, however hull numbers follow frigate denomination (Fxxx).

  • D'Estienne d'Orves class (type A 69) - 9 ships
    • F788 Second-Maître Le Bihan
    • F789 Lieutenant de vaisseau Le Hénaff
    • F790 Lieutenant de vaisseau Lavallée
    • F791 Commandant L'Herminier
    • F792 Premier-Maître L'Her
    • F793 Commandant Blaison
    • F794 Enseigne de vaisseau Jacoubet
    • F795 Commandant Ducuing
    • F796 Commandant Birot
    • F797 Commandant Bouan

Patrol ships

  • P680 Sterne (only ship of her class)
  • P681 Albatros (only ship of her class)
  • L'Audacieuse class (type P 400) - 10 ships
    • P682 L'Audacieuse
    • P683 La Boudeuse
    • P684 La Capricieuse
    • P685 La Fougueuse
    • P686 La Glorieuse
    • P687 La Gracieuse
    • P688 La Moqueuse
    • P689 La Railleuse
    • P690 La Rieuse
    • P691 La Tapageuse
  • P675 Arago (type Lapérouse, converted)
  • Flamant class - 3 ships
    • P676 Flamant
    • P677 Cormoran
    • P678 Pluvier
  • A679 Grebe (type Espadon 50; only ship of her class)
  • Athos class - 2 ships
    • A712 Athos
    • A713 Aramis

Mine Warfare Forces

  • A645 Alizé (only ship of her class)
  • Eridan class - 13 ships
    • M641 Eridan
    • M642 Cassiopée
    • M643 Andromède
    • M644 Pégase
    • M645 Orion
    • M646 Croix du sud
    • M647 Aigle
    • M648 Lyre
    • M649 Persée
    • M650 Sagittaire
    • M651 Verseau (ex M920 Iris)
    • M652 Céphée (ex M919 Fushia)
    • M653 Capricorne (ex M918 Dianthus)
  • Vulcain class - 4 ships
    • M611 Vulcain
    • A613 Achéron
    • M614 Styx
    • M622 Pluton
  • Antarès class - 3 ships
    • M770 Antarès
    • M771 Altaïr
    • M772 Aldébaran

Landing Platform Dock (LPD)

Light transport ships

Landing crafts

High Sea Tugs

Trial, experimentation and intelligence ships

Hydrography and Oceanography

Support ships

School ships

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