Scho-Ka-Kola is a brand of German chocolate that contains additional caffeine from cocoa, roasted coffee, and cola nut. The chocolate is divided into triangle-shaped pieces held inside of a round metal canister. The design and recipe have changed very little since the original creation.


Scho-Ka-Kola was created by the firm Hildebrand, Kakao- und Schokoladenfabrik GmbH in 1935 and was introduced at the 1936 Summer Olympics as a "Sport Chocolate." During World War II, it was referred to as the "Flyer-Chocolate" as it was provided with Luftwaffe rations. During the occupation period, it was also distributed to the German population by the Allies.

In 1969 Dr. Hans Imhoff took over the firm, and also bought Stollwerck AG from Deutsche Bank for distribution. On July 1, 2005, Genuport Trade AG gained all brand and distribution rights to the product. Currently it is made in Saalfeld in Thuringia and is available across Germany.

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