Schieder-Schwalenberg is a town in the Lippe district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated approx. 20 km east of Detmold.

It consists of 8 communes, which have been combined to a town in 1970. The names of the communes are Schieder, Brakelsiek, Schwalenberg, Lothe, Ruensiek, Wöbbel, Siekholz and Kreienberg, the district Schieder together with Glashütte is a Kneipp health resort. Together they have c. 9,300 residents (2007).


Schieder-Schwalenberg is located between the Teutoburger Wald and the Weserbergland. There is a little river called Emmer” which is ponded to the SchiederSee.


The Swallow on the red ground shows the emblem of the town Schwalenberg. On the blue ground the Crown symbolised the summer residence of the Lippe family, the Castle in Schieder. The white Line between both symbolised the Emmer.


The main industrial sector is the furniture industry. The main Producer for furniture is the Schieder Möbel holding. Besides the furniture industry the tourism is also an important industrial sector. Especially tourist from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands rent an apartment for a few days. The Schiedersee and the district Glashütte attracts many tourists.

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