Scatterbox is an American punk rock band from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Formed in 2000, the current lineup includes Tom White (Vocals), Scott Rozell (Drums), Sean Nicol (Guitar), Mark Cogburn (Guitar), and Ryan White (Bass). They currently are signed with Clickpop Records out of Bellingham, Washington. Scatterbox has released three full-length records and one CDEP with now defunct Spokane, Washington band American Zero.

Past members

Past members include Dan Stamper (2000-2002), Jared Brown (2002-2005), and Chris Copulos (2003-2005). Jared Brown and Scott Rozell were also members of Lookout! Records band Moral Crux at a point in time. Brown remains a member of the band, whereas Rozell departed in 2005.

Release History

The first three Scatterbox releases were self-released on the bands' own imprint, Blackhouse Records. In 2004, they signed a deal with Clickpop Records, making the newest record "Sudden Movements" the first Scatterbox record to have national and international distribution. The previous records are, however, harder to find currently.

Scatterbox has appeared on many compilations with bands such as DEK, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Against All Authority, Morrissey, Citizen Fish, MDC, Destruction Made Simple, The Dresden Dolls, and others. In 2006, the song "Sensitive" from the 2003 album "Infection III" was used on the soundtrack of "Poultrygeist! Night of The Chicken Dead" from Troma Entertainment alongside the likes of The Dwarves, The Nihilistics, and Thee Obscene. The song is actually used in the film as well.


Run Faster, Jump Higher (2001, Blackhouse)

Lipstick Stains and Shotgun Shells (2002, Blackhouse) Split with American Zero

Infection III (2003, Blackhouse)

Sudden Movements (2005 Clickpop Records)

ENEMIES (2008 Clickpop Records/Rebel Alliance) Not Yet Released.

Band Websites:


SCATTERBOX Official Website

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