Scars (song)

Scars (song)

"Scars" is the second single from Papa Roach's third album, Getting Away with Murder (2004), and seventh released single in total. Scars is considered to be the band's comeback single, despite being unlike their usual work. It is their biggest hit, peaking at #15 in the U.S. The single was certified gold (500 000 units sold) on June 6 2005. The song, according the DVD Live & Murderous In Chicago tells the story of Jacoby Shaddix's "Horrible night in Vegas that changed my life."

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Music video

The song's video tells the story of Shaddix's girlfriend, played by Taylor Cole, who is a drunk and parties too much. One day, she gets too drunk and passes out at a party at Shaddix's house she wakes up with a hangover, and, grabbing her coat, knocks over a candle, which lands on a mat on the floor. The mat is stained with her beer from last night. She lights the house on fire unknowingly, and goes home. When Shaddix arrives home, his house is burnt down. The girlfriend comes back to the ruin and sees what happened and realized what she did. This video project was directed by Motion Theory.

A completely different CGI video was shot for the song first. This first video consists in a black-and-white scenery, completely fictional and surreal. In this one, Shaddix and the band defeat another girl (apprently Shaddix's girlfriend, but now it isn't Taylor Cole) that seems to be a monster or a witch. The band wasn't pleased with it and ended up shooting the video mentioned above.


  • Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix wrote the song after being taken to hospital in Las Vegas with 11 staples in his head in an act of self-harm. Shaddix told MTV News that the song was "about trying to help someone who really doesn't want you to help them".
  • The song was recorded as a power ballad which is a departure for the band. However, in interviews, the band claims that their fans like the song when it is played live in concert.
  • On a popular radio countdown show, American Top 40 hosted by Ryan Seacrest, Scars peaked at #6 in August, 2005, and spent 50 weeks in the chart from April 2005 to March 2006.
  • Papa Roach are well known for singing many of their songs in Spanish as well. "Scars" («Heridas») is among them.
  • This is the highest charting single of Papa Roach on the Billboard Hot 100 (#15).
  • When played on fm radio the lyrics when screamed "Go fix yourself" in the song are censored.


Used lyrics from "Silence Of The Lambs", where Hannibal Lecter said "Our Scars remind us that the past is real"

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