Scape One

Scape One

Scape One (full name Kurt William Baggaley, born April 20, 1967) is an electro producer and recording artist from the South Coast of England, one of the most prolific producers of the underground UK Electro scene.

After appearing on BBC Television performing Robot Dancing to Africa Bambaataa’s "Planet Rock", in 1983 he then decided to start producing and writing Electro music, mainly concentrating on live performances within the local Hip Hop & Dance scenes along the UK’s South Coast which continued on into the 1990’s.

With the arrival of the new generation of Electro producers like Aux 88 and Drexciya in the mid-nineties, Kurt joined in production duties with neighbouring associates Transparent Sound who had started releasing new Electro releases on their own label. With this collaboration came several releases on various labels, most noticeably 'Freaks Frequency'.

As an independent producer Kurt has gone on to generate more material recording for various esteemed underground Electro labels in Europe, The UK and The USA. ‘Simple Machines’ was one of the first releases that made the name ‘Scape One’ perceptible on the Electro landscape followed soon after by the series ‘Planet Funk Express’ which focused on the global development and diversity of Electro. Many more releases followed, each focusing on a certain theme but always with the pulse of Synthetic funk with a futuristic attitude that always remains forward thinking. Live appearances and DJ sets have taken place in New York, London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Chicago, Glasgow, Miami, Dublin, Seattle, Leipzig and many more including various Radio performances.

Kurt prefers to draw inspiration from various sources which range from the Old school hip hop releases of New York and Los Angeles, European Electronic music, Japanese Electropop, Detroit Techno, 70’s Funk and Deep House.

Scape One has also established his own record company, Adaptive Programs.


Energy Pattern (Adaptive Programs)
Shockwave Rider (Pnuma/Soma)
The 1st Diversion (Affected Music)
The 2nd Diversion (Affected Music)
The Complete Gamma Function (Science City)
Galaxy Of Funk (Drivecom)
Future Sound Of Bognor EP (Iwari)
Machine Music (Maschinen Musik)
Phased Energy Rectification: Tactical Systems Type 1 (Roulette)
Reclaim The Future (Satamile)
Submolecularnanotechrhythmicprinciples (SCSI-AV)
Interface I: Neural Grafting EP (Templedog)
Interface II: Biot-Engineering (Templedog)
Planet Funk Express: Journeys 1 & 2 (Electrix)
Planet Funk Express: Journeys 3 & 4 (Electrix)
Not Human EP (Tomorrow)
Not Human CD (Tomorrow)
The Future...It Will Never Be The Same (Kône)
Simple Machines EP (World Electric)
Fizzy Soda (Emoticon)
Okeechobee (Mass Transit)
Radio Activity (Binary Types)
Let's Put The Future Behind Us (Remote Audio)

Tracks Appear On
Our Friends Electric - Lightcycle (Iwari)
The Guilty Compilation I - Spaceless (Dona-li)
The Guilty Compilation II - Doppelganger (Dona-li)
Emoticon Sampler Three - Milieu (Emoticon)
Icons: Vol 1 - Fizzy Soda (Emoticon)
On//Off Music:: Electro Developers Conference - Futurity (Trust)
Altered Images - The Edge Of Human (Exalt)
No Batteries Required - Fusion Reaction (Tomorrow)
No Batteries Required - Version Dive (Tomorrow)
CarJack City Volume 1 - Angry Mangadroïd (Roulette)
Dark Beat Detector - Origins Of A Sound (Kommando 6)
Autobot - Android Robotix (Satamile)
Beats Clash Vol 1 - Simple Machines (Longhaul)
Beats Clash Vol 1 - 260 Speakers (Longhaul)
BN02 - Retropolitan (Trust The DJ)
BN02 - Startide (Trust The DJ)
Fabric 15 - Programme Sequence (Fabric)
Balance 005 - PFX Tokyo (EQ)
Control Freaks - Solaris (Remote Audio)
Control Freaks - Tomorrow's Child (Remote Audio)
Control Freaks - Let Go! (Remote Audio)
Control Freaks - How 2 Rock (Remote Audio)
Beyond Control - Tomorrow (Remote Audio)
Beyond Control - Techno Smurf (Remote Audio)
Out of Control - Negative Attraction (Remote Audio)

Transparent Sound - Never Fall Again (Electrix)
Multiplex - Rock Robot (Toytronic)
Rob Euroh - Reprogram (Blue Juice)
Tomorrow People - Is Anybody Listening (Tomorrow)
Tomorrow People - Slipping Into Darkness (Tomorrow)
Freezie Freekie - Flow (Satamile)
Double Horizontal - Honkadonk For Budonkadonk (Holding Company Inc.)

Transparent Sound Co-Productions
Freaks Frequency EP (Abstrakt Dance)
Freaks Frequency Remixed (Crayon)
Night & Day (Solid Groove)
Slang City (Transparent Sound)
Analogue Deliverance (Transparent Sound)
Travel Card (Outside)
Watching You (Mass Transit)

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