Saturu Ghasidas

Satguru Ghasidas

Guru Charann (Feet of Guru)

First the feet of Guru is worshipped. First we worship the feet and Charann Khadaau [Chandan Wooden Shoes of Guru] and the dust particle of feet of Satguru Ghasidas.


Satguru Ghāsidās (1718-?) is Successor of Satnam sect in Chhatisgarh migrated from Narnaul Hariyanna (The Ancient Mahaabharat age Kurukshetra).Satguru Ghasidas was born on Monday 18 December 1718. The date of death of Guru Ghasidas is unknown. No Kabra No Samadhi place present of Guru Ghasidas. According to folk stories in the last time he came from Bhandarpuri to Chhātā hill in the forest of Giroudpuri. He entered a cave (SatlokhiSatlok) in front of chhātā hill. He is immortal and living in Satlokhi Cave. He was born in village Girodhpuri in Raipur district in a Harivansh (Lineage of Lord Vishnnu & always protected by Lord Vishnnu & Lord Krishnna) family. Ghasidas saw the socio-political milieu of misrule, loot and plunder in the society. The local kings and administrator failed to stop this. Ghasidas underwent the exploitative experiences specific to human communities, which helped him the hierarchical and exploitative nature of social dynamics in a caste-ridden society. From an early age, he started rejecting social inequity and to understand the problems faced by human community and to find solutions, he traveled extensively in Chhattisgarh by foot and by yogik power.and done a lot of immposible wefare
1.Order for Pure and nectar water, Safe Ground at any place by Yogik Power
2.Social Salvation
3.Spread the Knowledge of "Satnam" seed and to Built Universe Victory Pillar Shrishti Vijay Stambh.

Short life story of Satguru Ghasi Das

Satguru Ghasi Das was a farmer in Giroud, he also worked for somedays as a farm worker of plougher. a village formerly in Bilaspur and now in Raipur, near the Sonakan forests. In search of the right path he decided to go to Jaganath Puri and on his way at Sarangarh attained true knowledge. It is said that he announced satnam and returned to Girodh. On his return, he stopped working as a farm worker and became engrossed in Tapasya. After spending six months in Sonakhan forests doing tapasya Ghasidas returned and formulated path-breaking principles of a new egalitarian social order.
Guru Ghasidas was lettered from childhood from school.He was Guru(teacher) from childhood. He plays play of Guru Chela (Teacher and Disciple) from Childhood With his friends. He was a Baalak Yogi (Child Yogi).he lettered with knowledge of atharvaved and other parallel books. He also lettered with knowledge of English through Bible and missionary. He is Successor of King Parikshit. The King of whole world. God provide a king for whole human community for stabillty, Well Administration. God always protect his Lineage. Remember he was a Saaheb Guru. Saaheb means – Well Educated English officer. He travels whole chhattisgarh by foot and by yogik power.he done a lot of impossible welfare work.He put atharvaved in his bhandarpuri Moti Mahal to run properly the empire.He was never dead never take Samadhi.No muthkabra Samadhi place present of Guru Ghasidas.He is immortal.He is living in chhata hill cave in present time.He deeply resented with bad treatment with any living being and any non true action. and slain that people and his lineage.

Mr. Chisholm's Writing

with a few additions. Mr. Chisholm [382] gave a graphic account of the retirement of Ghasi Das to the Sonakan forests for a period of six months, and of his reappearance and proclamation of his revelation on a fixed date before a great multitude of Satnamis, who had gathered from all parts to hear him. An inquiry conducted locally by Mr. Hira Lal in 1903 indicates that this story is of doubtful authenticity, though it must be remembered that Mr. Chisholm wrote only forty years after the event, and forty more had elapsed at the time of Mr. Hira Lal's investigation. [383] Of the Satnamis Reformer himself Mr. Chisholm writes: [384] Guru Ghasi Das was a man of
1.unusually uncomparable
4.imposing appearance,7 foot long Highted, Powerful, Powerful long Arm (Mahaa Baahuve)
7.given to seeing visions
He deeply resenting by non true action and slain that people and his lineage (||Paapi Paakhandi Sanghare||). He was well known to the whole community, having travelled much among them; had the reputation of being exceptionally sagacious and was universally respected."

Another Writing

On one occasion he and his brother started on a pilgrimage to the temple at Puri, but only got as far as Sarangarh, whence they returned chanting '_Satnam, Satnam_.' . As Purush Pita Satnam order to return and to engrossed in Tapasya. From this time Ghasi Das began to adopt the life of an ascetic, retiring all day to the forest to meditate on a rocky chhata hillock about a mile from Giroud. The two immortal tree of Aanwala and Dhanvana under which on a holy stone up side from ground it is said that he was accustomed to sit. This is a favourite place of pilgrimage of the Satnamis, and two Satnami temples have been built near it, which contain White Guru Gaddi and Charann Khadaau (Wooden Shoes) of Chandan wood. These temples are annually and whole year, day and night visited by the All Satnami. In the course of time Ghasi Das became venerated as a saintly character, and on some miracles being attributed to him, his fame rapidly spread. The People began to travel from long distances to venerate him, and those who entertained desires, such as for
1.The birth of a desired child and surely fulfilled (Garbh Nyaas)
2.such as the curing of snake-bite and reviving dead (Mrit Sanjivani Vidya),
3.To measure the 1 KM road by the body holding pair coconut in the front of gate of big temple of Satnam in Giroudpuri to fulfill any wish (Bhoomi Naapana)
A Muslim who suffer from very dangerous disease come to this place and he cured from near about death.after that he dances extremely the panthi dance.
The pilgrims carry away with them the water of Seven Nectar Tank to drink and to get SatlokAmarlok (Top Most Heaven) (Probably only one real heaven)
Seven Nectar Tanks
1. Charann Kund (Feet Tank)
2. Amrit Kund (Nectar tank)
3. Panch Kund 1 (Five Tanks 1)
4. Panch Kund 2 (Five Tanks 2)
5. Panch Kund 3 (Five Tanks 3)
6. Panch Kund 4 (Five Tanks 4)
7. Panch Kund 5 (Five Tanks 5)
This Nectar tanks are miracle. many cured from many diseases. Start Life from new starting with true character and away from meat, liquor and tobacco.

The Main Teaching of Satguru Ghasidas.

The main teaching of guru ghasidas is only one word “Satnam” seed. Rest of all the things in world is stem, branches and leaves. And a 7 metre long White Universe Victory Pole Shrishti Vijay Stambh with a white rectangular flag of Satnam.

He always present at all jai stambh, empty guru gaddi, white satnam flag in the visual picturized soul spiritual form. In the form of whitest brightest point points dot Circlular Elliptical Beam which later picturize as Live Running, Walking, Talking Guru Gosain. It is true.

Seven Teachings of Guru Ghasidas

The Seven Teachings of Saturu Ghasidas

1. Satya - Truth True Action
2. Dhairya - Patience
3. Lagan - Dedication
4. Karoonna, Dayaa, Kshamaa - Kindness, Pardon
5. Karm – Karm Yog - Labour
6. Saralataa - Simplicity
7. Vyavahaar - Vyavahaarikata - Practility – Practical Life

The seven precepts of Ghasi Das to a Brahmann Writer
1.abstinence from liquor, meat
2.certain red vegetables, such as lentils chillies and tomatoes, because they have the colour of blood,
3.the abolition of idol worship,
4.the prohibition of the employment of cows for cultivation, and of ploughing after midday or taking food to the fields,
5.and the worship of the name of one solitary and supreme God.
6.The use of _taroi_ [385] is said to have been forbidden on account of its fancied resemblance to the horn of the buffalo,
7.and of the [brinjal] [386] from its likeness to the scrotum of the same animal.
Guru Ghasidas Never made precepts , forcefully law. He teaches only one word satnam (TruenameName "True").And free people to do anything which he wishes, which is in category of true action.

Miracle of Satguru Ghasidas

Satguru Ghasidas is incarnation of "Sat" "True" in the human form. He is only one "Satguru".He is only one God. His Place (Tapobhoomi) Giroudpuri is full of Welfare Spiritual Proof. He Give appearance to many people in that holy hill and forest area. He has supernatural powers.
1.He can revive the dead, as he did with Satimata Safura.
2.He had divine yogic powers. He can do any immpossible work in universe.
3.He is Lord of Satlok and Universe.
However the key point is that Guru Ghasidas has been accepted as a visionary social reformer and the high number of Satnam followers is a testimony to this fact. According to the 1901 census there were around 4,00,000 people adhering to the principles of Satnam Panth. The first martyr from Chhattisgarh in the [Indian war of Independence of 1857], Veer Narayan Singh, was also deeply influenced by the teachings of Guru Ghasidas.


Satlok is the Top Most Heaven. Satlok is a true thing. Many Knowledge and text about Satnam come from satlok. Satguru Satnam Satpurush Gosain shows many people Satlok. We can understand Guru’s “Tantravad” by the tradition “Satlok”. Satlok is comparable with the Yugnaddha of Buddhist tantra. Basically satlok Or Yugnaddha means ‘Ekya ke param siddhant mein dwait ka sanshlesham’. This theory has been elaborated in the fifth chapter of ‘yugnadhkram’.
Guru is living example of God He enlightens his disciple and makes Him attain god. In all the “Panthi Geets” several steps have been written in the honour of Guru. Guru is not considered as a common man. There is no difference between Guru and God. Guru has been placed at par with father, mother and God.
Guru can save you from Lord Shiva’s anger but no one can save you from guru’s anger.

Spiritual Welfare Tourism For World People

Miraculous Herbs and Plants in Sonakhan Forest

There a lot of miraculous plant and herbs grown by blessing of Satguru Ghasidas. It contains A kind of good smelling Grass widespread in that area, Sanjivani Booti, Chandan, Aanwala, Dhanvana, and many undefined and unresearched plants and herbs in highest genetic (DNA) state[immortal state]. and crossing the species criteria limit are present.That herb medicine should be taken in only on the place Giroudpuri. For cure from coma, brain dead, Cancer, Heart Diseases, All diseases.


These herbs are actually blessing of Satguru Ghasidas. These herbs are actually illusion. The main thing is Blessing of Satguru Ghasidas. The patient suffer from any disease should live here for some days[1 to 40 days]. and drink the Water of Charann Kund, Amrit Kund, and Panch Kund and eat some kinds of Grass and Herbs.

Holy Stone Between Immortal Tree of Anvara and Dhanvara

This is tapasya place and addressing place Satguru Ghasidas.

Charann Kund

This is the tank created by Satpurush in which Satguru Ghasidas washes his feet after Success in Tapasya.Charan kund is located near to the main temple of GURU,few steps down to the temple.

Amrit Kund

This is the Source of Nectar Created by Satpurush for Satguru Ghasidas.

Cave of Lord Vishnnu [Narsinh Naath]

The Cave of Lord Vishnnu [Narsinh Naath] on the Hill Upside Amrit Kund. This is a cave in which Lord Visnnu Live in the form of Lion [Narsinh Nath]. This is the most Dangerous and Mysterious area.

Panch Kund

These are five Nectar tanks. always filled with water in all seasons.

Chhata Pahaad

This is the sitting place of Satguru Ghasidas. Satguru Ghasidas is immortal and seat in meditation inside the Chhata Hill.

Satlokhi Cave

This is the way to Satguru Ghasidas seating in Meditation.

Amar Kund

There is a Nectar tank of clear Sqare shape stone with no any hole. and it is always filled with water in all seasons. It is a miracle.

Yoga River

This is river flowing between Giroudpuri and Shabari Narayann (The place of Shabari of Ramayann age).

Haathi Chattan

There is a hathi chattan (elephant shaped stone).There clearily elephant shaped stone with clearily shape of bounded with sankal/zanzeer/chain. That is the elephant of a local King who come to see Guru in angry. The elephant convert to stone in the middle of Yog River while crossing river due to curse of Satpurush. Then King arrive to Guru's feet walking with bare feet. and he totally dedicate himself, his faimily, and His state in Guru's feet.

Holy Hill and Forest area of Sonakhan

The whole hill and forest area of Giroudpuri and Sonakhan is full of miracle and mystery.

The Satnam Panth

The first ceator of Satnaam Dharm was Great King Saint Satkhojan Das Goswami (1409 – Immortal).

Ancient history of Satnami

Satnāmi are actually lineage of King Parikshit of Great Kuru Kingdom. Naarnaul Hariyana Dwaapar/Mahabharat age Kurukchhetra Hastinapur. Satnami's are long highted, fair, true charactered man. According to Shree Mad Bhagvat Geeta The King Parikshit is king for whole world. The satnam people in Chhattishgarh migrated from narnaul hariyanna has mahabharat age iron chair and other several thing present in there home in villages in Chhattisgarh. Guru Ghasidas is immortal & successor of King Parikshit. Presently Guru Ghasidas is king for whole world as well as for whole universe. He is responsible for Whole World. Guru Ghasidas is incarnation of Supreme and last God Satnam Satpurush Gosain. Presently successor of Guru Ghasidas in Bhandarpuri Dhaam is a very true character , Highly spiritually and Highly Knowledged man Satguru Aashkarann Das Gosain. Satguru Aashkarann Das Gosain could be consider as King For Whole World.

First Creator of Word Satnaam ("True" Name Name "True")

First founder of word Satnam (True Name) was Great King Saint Satkhojan Das Goswami (1409 – Immortal).As his name was sat khojan – Sat + Khojan – Truth + Founder Ceator Discoverer. He collect the kuru’s as Satnam Religion. And he spread the word satnam to all over for welfare. He retired to forest of kurukshetra (the place of Immortal Ved Vyas) to search truth as induced from his name satkhojan. He Create a technical word “Satnam (True Name) ” for chanting and holding by people. So that people can Chant hold and follow sat (truth). Satnaam is exactly understand as true Name Name true. But for long chanting (About100000 times 10000 times Per Day) Satnam is appropriate due to vibration reason of word Satnaam on inner soul and body. Truth is converted form of word Sat – Sath – truth from Sanskrit to English Angreji the language created by Angira Rishi. And the Naam is Name. Naam is essential part of word satnaam due to technical reason. During Chanting Satnam you will see whole world as television and you can access in three times past present and can chant word “Truename” and its translation in any language it is frequently attack of word “true” on your extreme inner soul (God). Your extreme inner soul is Sat Chit Anand God Zero Cycle (Top most spiritual cycle).

Raja Sant Guru Balakdas (Second son of Guru Ghasidas)

Raja Sant Guru Baalak Das was incarnation of Lord Vishnnu Narsingh Naaath. He was a Great Yogi. He successful to spread the message of Satnam, Satnam Culture, Panthi Songs, Dance in the whole chhattisgarh. When his mission complete by yogik power he goto Satlokhi Cave. Formerly an annual fair was held at Bhandar at the date of success of Guru Ghasidas in Satnam Sadhana (Tapasya).to which all the Satnamis went. The Satnamis also have a fair in [Ratanpur]

Role of Guru Ghasidas

Guru Ghasidas remains a major hero in the tradition. The Satnam Panth is said by many Satnamis to be based on these principles formulated by Ghasidas.
Guru Ghasidas through Satnami principles initiated a socio-religious order, which rejected the premier position of castes and completely demolished the exploitative and hierarchical caste system. This new order was a challenge to the caste system and it treated all human beings as socially equal. According to Satnam Panth, truth is God and there is only one God, which is able andAnant (infinite). Ghasidas believed idol worship was not a good way to worship God and therefore Satnam rejects any form of idol worship. Interestingly, Ghasidas had a holistic vision and felt that systemic reforms to remove social injustice and inequality would remain inadequate and incomplete without reforming the individuals. This underlying principle led to prohibition of liquor and non-vegetarian food for the followers of Satnam Panth.

While the idol worship was against the panth, Satnamis performed bhakti on Rama and Hanuman. Many still workship Rama, Krishna, and Hanuman.

Guru Ghasidas also formulated some principles, which clearly reflect his love for animals and his desire to put an end to cruelty towards animals. The Satnāmi tradition also lives on in the form of a vast collection of panthi songs, commonly sung by groups during street procession. Many panthi songs vividly described Guru Ghasidas' life.

Mechanism of Satnaam

Satnam Panth emphasizes more on guru. Ghasidas is considered Adi Guru. Guru Ghasi Das established a hereditary system for guru. The entire Indian Philosophy and religion accepts guruism. All the branches of Indian Philosophy Are very mysterious as according to them truth is far away from intellectualism And logic. ‘Satya’ travels from guru to his disciple in the world. There is one way By which truth can be attained, by having faith in Guru. Because only guru can make you feel the Satnam (Supreme Being).
Having faith in the guru is necessary for the spiritual up Gradation of a disciple. A true disciple becomes a toy in the hands of the Satguru. This why, Guru has been given the supreme satatus in Satnam Panth. Quite often Guru becomes synonymous with the god or god can be achieved through guru.
Guru is living example of God He enlightens his disciple and makes Him attain god. In all the “Panthi Geets” several steps have been written in the honour of Guru. Guru is not considered as a common man. There is no difference between Guru and God. Guru has been placed at par with father, mother and God. Guru can save you from Lord Shiva’s anger but no one can save you from guru’s Anger.
We can understand Guru’s “Tantravad” by the tradition “Satlok”. Satlok is comparable with the Yugnaddha of Buddhist tantra. Basically satlok Or Yugnaddha means ‘Ekya ke param siddhant mein dwait ka sanshlesham’. This theory has been elaborated in the fifth chapter of ‘yugnadhkram’.

Duties of Guru.

There are several moral responsibilities of a guru. Guru’s office takes all the Decisions related to social boycott. Guru defines penalty for the social outcaste, when the outcaste is re-entered in the Satnam Panth. During the nomenclature of a child, Guru makes him wear a “Kanthi”, which is the token of child’s entry into ‘’Satnam Panth”. It is not necessary for the Guru to be present in all the ceremonies. These ‘Anushthans’ can be done in the meetings of the panth.
Most of the satnamis come for guru’s darshan at least once in a year. On that occasion a gift from the disciples is mandatory. There is no public place for the prayer for the satnamis. There is no written scripture for them. Also, there is no pattern for prayer. When people are devoted to god, they are only Supposed to recite Satnam and ask for the grace of the God.
Satnamis were the most important community of Chhattisgarh in circa 1820. With the “Dharm Sansthapana” of Guru Ghasidas, They worked so hard that today they acquire 1/4th of the agricultural land of Chhattisgarh. Around 1820, Chhattisgarh went through a revolution started by Guru Ghasidas and its people Became aware of their rights. Before this they had tolerated immense pain and had become ultra-tolerant. Guru Ghasi Das discarded the theory of tolerance And organized people ultra – tolerant. Guru Ghasi Das discarded the theory of Tolerance and had became aware of their rights. Before this they had tolerated Immense pain and had become ultra-tolerant. Guru Ghasi Das and its people Became aware of their rights. Before this they had tolerated immense pain and had become ultra-tolerant. Guru Ghasidas discarded the theory of tolerance And organized people against Samants. The samantwadi syatem was broken Into pieces and a new panth was discovered, which can be called ‘Ekeshwarwad’. So far, the illusion minded people hypnotized Satnamis, that they are bad. Guru Ghasi broke this hypnotized Satnamis, that they are bad. Guru Ghasi Das broke this hypnotism and brought them upper from others. By his efforts Satnamis became very powerful among Gram Pramukhs and Samants, Satnamis Started learning everything, they became hardworking and aware of their rights.

Colonel Agnue's (Administrator of Raipur) Writing

Once Agnue said, “the character of chhattisgarhi people seems to be better than the people of other areas of India. There are no crimes, specially murder and theft. On the whole people of Chhattisgarhi people seems to be better than the people of Other areas of India. There are no crimes, specially murder and theft. On the whole people of Chhattisgarh are honest. People are not used to big crimes. Criminals have a habit of confessing their crimes without hesitation. People of Chhattisgarh are more inclined towards truth than people of any other area in India.”
Perhaps because of this Guru Ghasi Das got inspired with Satnam. Whenever everything went beyond people's control, they took help of ojhas, who misguided them to be superstitious. People of Chhattisgarh were quite innocent. Moreover Chhattisgarh Was surrounded by hills and its natives didn't have much interaction with the rest of the world. Every river had a soul. On the whole. They didn’t even know that most of diseases spread because of polluted water.
See Water Purification
Before Guru Ghasidas was an area of superstition and lawlessness and because of this efforts it became ‘bowl of rice’. All these changes were because of Guru Ghasidas.

The social customs of the Satnāmis

The social customs of satnam people is frendly with all people. Even from all living beings, Nature, rains, winds, etc. A Weak Brahmann is put out of caste if he is beaten by Powerful Satnam in the BazarWeekly Market, he not tell about it in his home, as well as in neighbour. Because he put out of caste. There was also a rule of the Satnami not to accept cooked food from the hands of any other caste, whether Hindu , but this has fallen into abeyance since the modern age. Satnami celebrates the the festival [Janam-Ashtami] for These reasons
1.Krishna's birthday
2. Birth Day of Guru Balak Das [the incarnation of Lord Vishnnu or Narsinh Naath]
3.As Satnami are Lineage of Lord Vishnnu [Vishnnurata]
when vessels of milk and [curd]s are broken over the heads of the worshippers and caught and eaten by all castes indiscriminately in token of amity.
Several points in the above description point to the conclusion that the Satnami movement is in essence a social revolt for awakening of people. A large proportion of the Satnamis are owners or tenants of land. It may be noted in conclusion that the spread of Christianity among the Satnami movement. Because Satnami accepted the principle of Christianity. A numbers of Satnami church and ritual present. Satnami Christians are included in Satnam Religion.

Chongihas (Smoker) Among Satnami

One of the precepts of Ghasi Das was the prohibition of the use of tobacco, and this has led to a split in the sect, as many of his disciples found the rule too hard for them. They returned to their _chongis_ or leaf-pipes, and are hence called Chongiha. The Chongiha have also taken to idolatry, and their villages contain stones covered with [vermilion], the representations of the village deities, which the true Satnamis eschew. A Chongiha can always become a Satnami if he ceases to smoke by breaking a coconut in the presence of his _guru_ or preceptor or giving him a present.

Jaharia (Poisonous Man) among the Satnāmis

Among the Satnamis there is also a particularly select class who follow the straitest sect of the creed and are called _Jaharia_ from _jahar_, an essence. These never sleep on a bed but always on the ground, and are said to wear coarse uncoloured clothes and to eat no food but pulse or rice.

The Donald and Mary McGavran’s greatest contribution to World Christinity Missions

In the late 1700s, Satguru Ghasi Das came to the Satnam Panth of India, and his new message found immediate and widespread acceptance:
1."Throw out your idols. Worship only the true God.
2. Wait for the coming of a red-faced man with a big book.
Do what he tells you." So to this People, which called themselves the Satnamis, Donald and Mary McGavran went in the feet of Guru Ghasidas. God (Satguru Ghasi Das) used this experience to prepare Mc Gavran for his greatest contribution to world missions during his later years. The McGavrans believed the gospel had to be presented in the light of Satguru Ghasi Das' message, since all world people accepted Satguru Ghasi Das as their own Guru. So he tied the gospel message to the message of the Christianity. By blessing and order Satguru Ghasi Das. The Donald and Mary McGavran’s greatest contribution to world missions during his later years was a blessing and order of Satguru Ghasi Das. he had learn the Satnami's principle, and with other missionaries translated the four Gospels of Satguru Ghasi Das and the book of Acts of Christinity. McGavran noted that where the church was growing, it grew almost explosively along family lines until most of the related people had become Christians worldwide. The McGavrans dedicated it to Satguru Ghasi Das. The priciples and law of Satguru Ghasi Das also taken In the British Empire’s rules and act. So the British empire successful in the world. In one respect the British empire is Grown by Satguru Ghasidas.Rembember British were very few in number.British were very weak and get many defeat in many war. Guru Ghasidas Satnam Satpurush Prepare and call the British for world mission. British means not British people. British means British Law (Truth and management). British Angrej are actually belong to Angira Rishi. Modern Science age is also given by Satnam Satpurush. Understood properly the wish and complexity of god. And walk with God. Link Presently Unites state is grown by Satpurush. See United_States_Department_of_Defense

The Spreading of Satnam Teaching

The Satnam Panth and ancient Satnami People are originator of Vedanta, Sufi mysticism and bhakti.

Dadu Dayal (1544-1603)

Dadu dayal was a Saint. Mainly Follower of Satnam teaching.


Jivandas, a mendicant. a disciple of Dadu Dayal (1544-1603)

Jagjiwan Das

Jagjivandas (1669-1760) a Som Vanshiya Chhatriya who fought for the right of the human beings. Jagjivan Das was a Som Vanshiya Chhatriya of Barabanki District Uttarpradesh. He was disciple of two Satnam Sage. Who come from Narnaul Hariyanna. The Prophet of the Sadh Satnami (Sadhak of Satnam) Sect of Upper India.

Mendicants of the Satnam Panth call themselves "Bairagi which is a term for Vaishnavite mendicants.


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